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    Diatoms - The Bane Of My Life

    Purigen is to keep the water clear. You thinking of zeolite?
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    Help For A Nervous Newbie

    Snail populations only get out of control through over feeding.
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    Help For A Nervous Newbie

    Does the plant have access to enough nutrients? Yep. Does it matter whether its in the substrate or water? Nope. I could set up a tank with an inert substrate, no fish, dose the water column and grow some great swords/crypts.
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    Diatoms - The Bane Of My Life

    Maybe they were referring to BGA which is cyanobacteria, Anyhow..regarding the sand, just stir it gently so that new clean sand comes to the surface. Algae needs light.
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    Diatoms - The Bane Of My Life

    Certainly is classed as an algae. It's common in new set ups. Just continue to keep the water clean with water changes, scrub it off and don't have the lights on for more than 8 hours a day. :)
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    Large Cardboard Tubes For Rabbits

    Thank you for your input peeps :)
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    Question About Phospates

    1ppm? That's nothing mate. I highly, highly doubt it's responsible for any deaths. Just continue what you are doing with regards to water changes and keeping your ammonia and nitrite 0. No sweat.
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    Large Cardboard Tubes For Rabbits

    Hi everyone. It's been ages since I've visited the forum. It looks a lot different. My girlfriend has got 2 bunnies and we always make sure to keep them from being bored by providing them with toys and enrichment etc. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get cardboard tubes similar to the...
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    Major Algae Problem On Plastic Plants

    EDIT: Old thread, doh!
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    Take a look at this guide to see what nutrients your plants might be lacking. You may find that a simple trace element fert will do the trick. Something like Seachem Flourish. Or it could be lack of macro nutrients in which case you could try some Tropica capsules, or dose a bit of Tropica Plant...
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    EI and "all in one" ferts are basically the same. Macro and micro nutrients both dosed to a slight excess. Either way, they are both great methods and any cost difference is negligable.
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    Lighting And Live Plants

    To be blunt, yes. There are no real advantages to "plant gro bulbs". They just look different to us humans and they cost more. What plants really care about is PAR (photosynthetically active radiation). Most fluorescent bulbs whether they are from fish shops or hardware shops will be full...
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    Colombo Flora-Base Below Sand Substrate?

    Yeah. But like i said there was already some black unipac gravel in there. Not much though. There is a uniform depth of 2inches. Most aquascapers would prefer more substrate to create a slope towards the back of the tank. If you are happy without this then you could get away with two bags.
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    Green Algae Film On Surface

    Ferropol doesnt have any macro nutrients which the plants are desperate for since you have been injecting CO2. Macro nutrients are your nitrates, phosphates and potassium. Your test kit may say you have 30ppm of nitrate in the tank but I can almost asure you that it wont be. The nitrate test...
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    Green Algae Film On Surface

    Addition of CO2 increases the nutrient demands of the plants. When the CO2 ran out, the demand for nutrients decreased and the algae subsided. Thats one theory. What nutrients are you dosing and how often? At the moment it doesnt sound enough.