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    Help Id This Fish

    i saw this fish at my lfs today and liked it alot..however i did not buy it as i do not know what it is and the ppl there does not know either...shocking huh? it is small, bright blue with black stripes..pls help me id it and let me know if it is hardy or not and how to care for it...thanks
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    Where Did He Come From!

    if it is a MTS, wait till the numbers erupt, then catch as many as u can and eat them....haha sounds kiinda gross to u guys but for us south-east asians like singaporeans and malaysians, we EAT them...its common street hawker food...u might wanna google it if ur interested. Think of it as our...
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    Algae Infestation

    hi guys...i was away for 1 week on holiday and i left de keys to a friend to care for my aquarium..he was a former aquarist but de first day i was away, he got real sick and is still sick now and is nable to care for my a result my whole tank is infested with algae..i mean WHOLE...
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    Red Streaked Barbels

    are the rest of the fishes in ur tanks fine other than the cories?..water stats good? is the cory fine except for the red streak? if yes, then i wouldn't worry too much IMO
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    Plants Are Struggling

    i use outisde water temp is around 24-26 degress celcius ( i live in the tropics) i do not know the names of the plants..but i am sre they are aquatic ones as they were thriving in my LFS and not in my tank
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    Plants Are Struggling

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    Plants Are Struggling

    hi i have 1 20 gallon tank...and everytime i add in plants, they will turn brown and drop their leaves, making my tank dirty and the plants keep dieing..why is this so? how do i ensure my plants live?? my tank substrate all soil pellets which my LFS also uses and their plants are thriving. I...
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    My Tank And Fishes!

    i do not have any lighting, i use the sunlight as my tank is in my balcony, no form of CO2 and fertilisers as well
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    My Tank And Fishes!

    dude..of cos im interested!!!..most of my auqatic plants are not doing well and i was wonering why..pls gimme some good tips!!! thanks alot!!! :good: :good: :good:
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    My Tank And Fishes!

    haha thanks :rolleyes: the water level is kinda low as i took those pics yesterday and today was my water change day, so i did not want to fill up the tank but rather wait for today before filling it up after a 10% water do i know which of the plants are aquatic??? i bought all of...
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    My Tank And Fishes!

    bump!!! :sad: :sad:
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    Dat's Birthday Pickup

    looking great :rolleyes: :rolleyes: but i thought silver dollars were supposed to be in groups???
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    My Tank And Fishes!

    here they are, my fishes..pls give me ur comments or ideas: a pic of my high fin platy female with endlers: being creative with my cam: otos: my chinese algae eaters: more of my endlers: male high fin platy with sword: both male double swordtails: overall tank shot: thats all...
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    Very Fat African Dwarf Frog - Okay Or Bad

    does looks like dropsy to me too..if it is dropsy and at this stage its very hard to treat, most prob won't survive.any other signs? like not eating, not moving about much etc etc. maybe u can try feeding it some greens, just to make sure he isn't constipated..sorry i can't help much