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    This One's For You, Bro

    We will miss you.
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    Farming, The Environment, Morality And Vegetarians

    Oh my god. Get out of the rock that you've been living under and see the real world as it is, will you? On the surface you seem to "understand" poor people's plight. But that's just it --- it's just on the surface. It's all for show. Deep down you really don't have a flipping clue how other...
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    Farming, The Environment, Morality And Vegetarians

    I'm not sure what you're trying to imply, but at 5'6" and 105 lbs, I'm hardly obese nor overweight. And my meals are nowhere near the proportions you were suggesting, I can't eat nor afford to eat that much food in one sitting. And people are fat not solely due to the fact that some of them do...
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    I hate to be the one to break this news to you're not Morgan's father. Cookie Monster is. :lol: So cuuuuute! :wub:
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    Farming, The Environment, Morality And Vegetarians

    I'll try to keep this trite as I'm not really up for another debate at the moment. I was referring to the local markets in third world countries. I was born and raised in one. True, fish tanks, computers and internet connection is a luxury. But computers and fish tanks are a one-time...
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    Guess What Movie's Coming Uuuup?

    Yup :) Just curious if an actual actor will play silver surfer, or if it will be CGI all the way...? I don't remember him having a "human" form ever... :blink:
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    Guess What Movie's Coming Uuuup?

    Really???? :blush: I don't watch tv much...mostly cable :lol:
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    Fussy Kids?

    Oh lordy. I wish we had the luxury of not eating what's on the table when we were growing up :lol: My folks rule is: eat what's on the table. If you don't want it, then fine, don't eat. But since there's many left-overs, you will be served with the same food the next day. If it still...
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    Live Fish And Such On A *domestic Flight*

    You would think so, but airlines are really paranoid. There's one incident where they won't let the mother bring her child's milk on board. It's her own breast milk. The only way she was able to take it with her is by tasting/drinking it in front of the airline officer to prove it's safe...
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    A Few Random Shots From My 400ltr Tank

    *points and screams* You have a ruby red cichlid!!! What's their temperament like? And are they active swimmers or do they just chill? And maaan, your fish are shiny :lol:
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    Can Someone Identify This Algae?

    The snails are a tiny variety of ramshorn snails. They don't grow any bigger than a pencil tip eraser.
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    Okay, for the nth time, this movie is based on the graphic novel, not the actual history :lol: It's a Frank Miller (graphic) novel, for chrissakes. You know, the creator of Sin City? ;) EDIT: Found a link for you!!!
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    Inverted Sneezing (dog Issue)

    I'm pretty sure she's updated will all her shots. I'm embarassed to say I don't know her detailed medical history though :blush: . My stepfather bought her for me 4 years ago as a welcome gift (when I migrated here). She's "my" dog, but technically it's my stepfather's dog (registered under...
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    Llj's 8g Nano Nightmare!

    Wowwww :drool: The colors really pop!!! So lush and healthy (but again, that's already expected from your tanks :D). Too bad they won't accept non-UK entries for the PFK nano contest. You would have made a tough contender :nod:
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    It's A Good Thing That I'm Not A Mod Because...

    Nope, budget cuts :no: But they'll have a bright and shiny flashlight installed on their heads!