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    New Arrivals :-D

    Wow! Nice one I have recently bought 3 smaller rainbows to go in my 200L along with my coolie loatches and they are looking great! They are really playful fish and feeding time is always great when they are darting around together they are so colourful :D
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    New Garras And Filter

    Been a really long time since I had my last post, suppose everything has been running smoothly up until now. About 4 days ago I purchased 2 new Garra Rufas, they seem to have settled in really well and are eating properly along with the apple snails and a large armour shrimp. By all accounts...
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    Tiny Critters In My Tank - What Are They?

    I have had the same situation occurring over the past two days, and their numbers have grown quite a bit although from what I can see they are fairly white and dart around a lot. Their general shape looks a little bit like so "  >-  " . I would also like to know what I am dealing with here and...
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    October Tank Of The Month Voting Poll

    haha yeah sorry i meant the November Ones :)
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    October Tank Of The Month Voting Poll

    After i posted this picture i had a rescape so if its okay i will have another go on the october tank of the month entries :)
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    October Tank Of The Month Competition Entries

    That was the last bit when i went into my lfs and it was only a tenner so i thought, bargain and got it :) aha
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    October Tank Of The Month Competition Entries

    Haven't been on here for a while so I thought I might have a go now I have found he perfect piece of wood. :) :) :) There you go. :D
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    Fraying Fins Of Cories

    They have all settled in fine now and the broken fins are no more, I should think that it was the barbs. I am getting rid of them soon. This morning they started laying lots of eggs on the side of the glass which i hope is a good sign and only being in the talk for a week seems pretty good...
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    Fraying Fins Of Cories

    Hi, I haven't posted for quite a while now because I have had no problems or queries. Recently I have bought 5 bronze corys and they have all settled in really well and have been eating swimming round ect. In there with them in a 100L talk I have 2 Pearl Gouramis and 5 small green tiger barbs...
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    Bog Wood From Beach

    Hello, I went to Hemsby yesterday and I was picking up stones and other pieces, and then I came across two pieces of spindly wood, one looked like red moor and the other one I'm not sure. I was wondering, because I picked it up at the beach and it is fairly big (maybe 4 foot long) whether I...
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    Co2 Is Bad?

    okay thanks a lot just to clear that up as i was a bit sceptical ! :)
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    Co2 Is Bad?

    One of my friends has told me that CO2 can go badly in a fish tank. Apparently it releases to much CO2 at the last 20% and it releases the last contents into the tank. This apparently stays in the tank and prevents the fish from getting oxygen, so they suffocate. Is this by any chance true...
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    Lighting Colour

    Recently whenever I turn my light on it takes a while (maybe 2-5 seconds) to turn on and makes a blinking noise when it does so. So, I asked in my LFS and they said that it would be wise to change to a different bulb as this one is getting older. I would like my tank to look a bit different...
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    Yes this is a real bargain, I bought mine for £29.99 now I know where to get it from next time! :-D
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    Filling Out My Tank

    OK.I have sand as a substrate, 28G Tank, 1T9 light and it is on for eight hours a day, no CO2 yet but on friday yes, temperature 25.5'C, pH 7.6, nitrate level (don't know how accurate [API] ) ish'' 1-2ppm. The algae has been sorted, I have blacked out my tank for 4 days and it has gone :)...