I am very interested in becoming a Marine Biologist in the future as a full time career.<br />
I have just passed my PADI Open Water Divers Course.<br />
I am keeping 4 fish tanks which I try to do my best to keep on top of them.<br />
That just about sums up me, Perry.

I love keeping on top of my 4 fish tanks and making sure that they are always clean, I also have 9 Whippets to walk. Along with Dory the worlds most laziest cat, (named after the fish from Finding Nemo).
May 28, 1997 (Age: 23)
Norwich, Norfolk
My Aquariums & Fish
Currently keeping 2 Periophthalmus Barbarus in a 60L tank.
100L Tropical Tank with 3 Pearl Gouramis, 2 Sumo Loach, an Otto and an Assassin Snail.
4 Common Goldfish in a 20L Tank.
10L Tank, 4 Guppies and 1 Platy.
1 Brackish, 1 Cold Water and 2 Tropical.


2X Pearl Gourami 5X Green Barbs 5X Bronze Corydoras 100L
20X Guppies 3X Harlequin Rasboras 1X Otocinlcus 60L
1X Cherry Shrimp Many Assorted Snails 20L
2X Guppies 1X Platy 2X Kribensis 9X Neon Tetras 67L
Breeding Corys in 100L, Breeding Kribensis in 67L