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  • yeah, put a few drops in last night, just going to leave it until saturday, check water levels and if no better, I'll consider a 90% water change and going to a fish place on sunday so I'll ask for some filter medium while I'm there to help things along.
    Oooh tanks a lot closed as I found out today after trailing into town.. Currently have really bad bacteria bloom... Going to leave it until saturday and do a huge water change.
    thanks ever so much for the advice. My best friend lives out hatfield way and we had no idea there was an fish place out there. I'll definitely check that one out, they sound fantastic.
    Have you ever had any dealings with Tanks A Lot near the market? I've heard bad things about them... :S
    I'm from doncaster and I was just wondering if you could recommend a good place around here to buy fish?
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