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    Java Fern

    Hi, How much are you asking for the java ferns? And are you willing to post? Thanx, Leanne
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    Wanted Tank

    Hi again, I'm going to pm you a couple of possible tanks that are on Ebay and are both in Dereham Leanne
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    Wanted Tank

    Hi, What did you want the tank for?? I'm only asking as I'm also in Norfolk and had trouble getting a small tank for a betta I ended getting a hex tank from P@H which is about 36-37 L and costs about £25. Failing that keep an eye out on ebay........most tanks are cash on collection so it...
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    20+ Cherry Shrimp £15 Posted

    Hi Sarah, Shrimps arrived safely, thanx :D their really great and bombing round my cory fry tank lol. Oh and thanx for the birthday wrapping!! as it happens they have arrived on my birthday.....spooky ;) Thanx again, Leanne xx
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    20+ Cherry Shrimp £15 Posted

    Hi Sarah, PM'd you hun :D Leanne
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    Wanted Apple Snails

    Hi, Item Wanted : Apple Snails - not Golden Condition Required : Previously enjoyed! Price Limit : Reasonably priced Picture or Link to Item : n/a Location : Norfolk but willing to pay postage Thanx for looking, Leanne
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    Discus And L Numbers For Sale

    Hi, Also have you got any prices?? Thanx, Leanne
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    Working On Classified Section

    Hi, I agree with Tenohfive, I check the buy,sell,swap boards several times a day and quiet often find things I wasn't really looking for but could/would and will make use of. I am not a fan of the new Classified sections and I think the new form is a waste of time tbh. I know this all sounds...
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    Frogbit - Sold Out Atm

    Hail Sarah Queen of the Frogbit :rofl: Oh and a free bump ;) Leanne
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    Fs Slate Caves Bargain Bonanza

    Hi, What size are the single caves in the bargain bundle?? Thanx, Leanne
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    Wanted Phoenix Moss

    LOL well in that case Mark it's my birthday at the end of the month ;)
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    [for Sale] External Filter, Internal Filters, 60cm Tank

    Hi, Have you got a photo of the fake wood cave please. Thanx, Leanne
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    Wanted Phoenix Moss

    LOL by the time we've all split it we're going to end up with a leaf each :rofl: Leanne
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    Wanted Phoenix Moss

    lol can I have thirds if there are any :D Leanne
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    Couple Bits For Sale Or Swap

    PM'd back :lol: Leanne