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    Last One To Post Here Wins

    Congrats!   One Last thing You lose the Game b!tch =P
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    February Tank Of The Month Voting Poll

      I honestly can not agree more.
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    you should accept that FB request, since I can't PM you >.>

    you should accept that FB request, since I can't PM you >.>
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    Yeah they are very tiny. They look kinda similar to daphnia, not very shrimp like at all. They have a clam like shell and its really hard to see what they look like with out some strong magnification. I had some in a bare fishless tank for over a month, they just kinda appeared. They were a bit...
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    An Update And Goodbye For Awhile

    Well its been quite while so I figured I would make an update. There is lots of stuff to catch up on. My two main tanks after I moved them awhile back. My ever present rainbows being sexy like they do best. Some new arrivals are my dwarf gouramis I got less then two months ago. Set...
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    World's Biggest Caterpillar!

    Yeah with monarchs most of the newly hatched pillars get killed by the host plant. The sticky sap from the plant is usually the issue. Taking the eggs and just feeding them leaves that have been cut helps alot. Here are some of mine from this spring...
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    World's Biggest Caterpillar!

    That's the opposite of what I have lol. I gave almost all my monarch crysalis to my mom since she does daycare. Even after raising them for so many years I never botherto contain the monarchs. Usually they form their chrysalis on some screen or cloth I put over the tank. Then I hang that on my...
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    World's Biggest Caterpillar!

    eh nature is harsh. They have a very very slim chance from hatching as an egg to actually becoming a moth. I know my adult female cecropia moths can lay close to 200 eggs. Now to keep a stable population only 2 of those offspring actually need to survive to replace the parents. So its pretty...
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    World's Biggest Caterpillar!

    Not a pet! Psssshhhhhh they make great pets. I have never seen that type of silk moth, but it doesn't live around me. I raise 2-3 types of native silk moth in the summer then some types of butterflies. They are pretty awesome very low cost/care pets. I have ~90 cocoons in my garage waiting for...
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    No Clue What To Do

    Thats up to you. I would personally give 3 or 4 a try, which one is up to you. I also suggest again to do your own research on the web, pick and option, then stick with it.
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    No Clue What To Do

    As suggested before luc. You should really clean up your post so people can take it seriously. As DM said you were given LOADS of information in chat. You know what we told you. You are welcome to seek additional advice here.
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    Nominations For New Moderators On Tff

    No doubt its doing that too a few of us :lol:
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    hey where you been!?

    hey where you been!?
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    Sex Of Fries?

    Its the latter. The gonopodium develops as the fry become sexually mature.