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    Ask Questions About Cycling

    Hello all, I'm planning a low-tech (no CO2, 2x3824 lm LED tubes) riparium with aquarium and pond plants. The aerial part is pretty much done, and mosses are slowly growing onto it, and now I'm moving my attention to the underwater part (about 100 lt). Time ago I read somewhere (this forum?)...
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    Plant growth substrate

    Lots of thanks, Byron, will PM Michael.
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    Plant growth substrate

    Byron, thanks a lot for the good advise, and the time it must have taken to write all of it. And a big WOW for your tanks, I can't believe that stuff is low-tech!!! They're a beauty! To complete the picture, the tank depth is 50 cm, and water depth will be only 20 cm, so a pretty short travel...
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    Plant growth substrate

    Thanks a lot Byron. As usual, it's more complicated than it seems at first. Well, my previous (and only) experience with aquaria (you can see the details below) used plain sand, and fertilizer tablets (Tetra Crypto), same lights mentioned above, and no CO2. Pretty bad results, but surely...
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    Plant growth substrate

    Thanks! Yep, forgot to mention the KH, which is at 9 dH. So, I guess I do have some buffer. Yet, to play safe, can you recommend any substrate which does not contain peat? I just checked the latest measurements from the municipality. Surprising how low the pH was recently (7,2). Cheers Maurizio
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    Plant growth substrate

    In a 240 l tank, I'm building a paludarium, thus reducing the water volume to about (probably less than) 100 l. Two HO 6500 K fluorescent tubes, no CO2. Tap water is rich in NO3 (40 mg/l), and pretty hard (total hardness 13 dH). Am I right that all plant growth substrates contain peat, and...
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    Brackish/fresh Water

    Most estuarine fishes are able to cope with marked variations of salinity, both ways. Each species may then prefer one or the other end of the spectrum.   Archerfishes, depending on the species, can live in slightly different levels of salinity. I have direct experience with Toxotes Microlepis...
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    Any Good Books On Marine/reef Tanks?

    I'm also also deep into my own learning curve, and thanks to the great inter-library service of Denmark, I have access to loads of books.   So far I truly loved Bob Fenner's The conscientious marine aquarist : a commonsense handbook for successful saltwater hobbyists.   Also really good the...
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    Please Comment On My Upgraded Mudskipper Tank :)

    Hi Jason, from what I read on mudskippers, P. barbarus is a real psychopath. Unless you can provide a really ample beach with visual separations, I wouldn't put more than one of them in a tank. Also, as Neale Monks often emphasized in these pages, anything small enough in a mudskipper tank will...
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    Macroalgae Webshops In Europe?

    Hello all, any idea of websites selling/shipping macroalgae in Europe? I spent quite some time on the web, but only US shops pop up.   To shorten distances, it should be between GB, DE and CZ (I'm in DK).   Thanks!
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    Here's Another One Considering To Go Marine!

    RR, thanks.   I've been investigating a bit about rubble vs. DSB in the sump, and I see your point. I only remain with the doubt that, since denitrifiers are essentially anaerobic, rubble won't help me with nitrates, whereas a DSB might.   Cheers   Maurizio
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    Here's Another One Considering To Go Marine!

    RR, much obliged! And surely I didn't want to put any rush on you, I apologize. I probably got spoiled from the many answers received in the brackish/freshwater forum. This one is definitely quieter!   Can you please explain me why are those microbubbles so feared? I read around that their...
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    Here's Another One Considering To Go Marine!

    I'm back!   Sitting on my sofa, I have, let's see... 8 books on marine aquariums surrounding me. And it's like this since a couple of months. So, question time again. Hopefully you folks will help again.   From what I learned, I'm dreaming of this: FOWLR and lots of (beautiful) macroalgae in the...
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    Here's Another One Considering To Go Marine!

    Thanks a lot RR, back to books for now!