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    Red Claw Crab Set Up (need Examples)

    Hi, i was wondering if people would be able to post up examples of their Red Claw Crab set ups as i'm struggling for inspiration and examples would be greatly appreciated as still researching them at the moment so trying my best to plan ahead. Thanks!
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    Venturing Into The Whole World Series Five – Valley Of The Red

    Hey Harry Kwong, your tank is stunning! In the first picture, does the plant on the bottom just appear white or is it actually white? As i cant seem to find it anywhere in the full tank pictures. I love the gap in the middle, i can see what inspired you to choose the name for this tank.. it fits...
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    Going Away.......

    Yea that would be fine, just feed the amounts you normally would, fish can last a week or two without food so a weekend shouldnt be a problem.
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    Plantation Of A 780 Litre (171 (uk) Gallons Or 206 (us) Gallon Tank) P

    Ah yea i see now. Thought the plants at the front were midground plants that were just there temp to grow. They looks nice though!
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    Robjack's Lowtech 50 Litre Journal [growing]

    Cracking layout with the bogwood :D.
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    Great to see the plan turn into the tank :D Is the height of the buddah the height you wanted, or are you planning on going heigher? As the incline seems severe to start then flattens out more so at the bottom.. or were you wanting a flat section at the bottom rather than a slope all the way...
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    Here's My 29 Us Gallon...

    Not as in the actual plant, but more the placement.. Imagine your looking down on your tank from the top.. the plants probably are in a straight line, what i'm suggesting is you break the line and have some offset, which will give it a more natural (i think) look. :)
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    Plantation Of A 780 Litre (171 (uk) Gallons Or 206 (us) Gallon Tank) P

    It's hard to appreciate the size of the tank from the pics.. You going to have any foreground carpeting plants in?
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    A Co2 Tragedy!

    Adding meds can and generally does lower the oxygen levels of the water.. or so i've been told, as its recomended to add an airstone to increase surface movement to get more oxygen back into the water whilst medicating it. Plus it can be stressful for the fish, plus to use an analogy.. if you...
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    A Co2 Tragedy!

    Glad some survived mate. I wouldnt medicated for ICH unless you can see it, otherwise you'll be putting the fish under more stress by medicating (which i've read lowers oxygen levels) without a need to.
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    Yea thats fine. I presumed you werent silly enough to turn it on and leave it out of the water lol.. :D
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    It says on most heater packaging to leave the heater in the tank for 10 or so mins so it can read the tank temp, but i've never done this before and i havent had any problems so i wouldnt wory.
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    My Tank With Plants

    18watt over 90l = 1.3wpg. So you might want to upgrade your lighting if you wish to grow plants which need medium lighting. As for sand, you need to wash it thoroughlt otherwise you will deffinantly get cloudyness, but even if you wash it for hours.. you'll get a cloudy tank for a certain time...
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    Bushing Out Your Stem Plants?

    Yup, i have. I had to cut one of my plants as it began breaking the waters surface.. and i have a few little shoots coming out just below where i cut it.