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Hey, I'm Josh - I used to be really active on here back when I was in school/college but unfortuately real life took over. Luckily, several years down the line I now have my own home and (some) time to get back into this amazing hobby!

I've been interested in aquatics since around 2007. The first tank that I owned was an old, mouldy 90L which cost me £50 along with all the stuff I needed to get started. With the help of my mum, I set this up in my bedroom with no idea about cycling which of course meant I had fish that died quite often. Strangely, we never thought anything of this and kept replacing our stock - which was generally guppys and mollys, as they seemed to breed like crazy and therefore lasted a bit longer.

Fortunately, I found this forum in 2009 when I wanted to take a step up from multi-coloured gravel and dying guppies and learnt loads of stuff from a number of helpful users. After posting what was probably hundreds of questions and managing to keep fish alive, I inevitably wanted to upgrade my tank despite financial limitations.

After quite a lot of pestering, I managed to talk my mum into splashing out on a brand new Roma 125. Up until now, this has been enough to satisfy my aquatics needs - but who knows that the future holds!

Thanks for reading this and feel free to message me if you would like to know anything else!
Sep 1, 1994 (Age: 28)
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