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    Building Sand?

    ive bought b&q childs sand today and ive emptied my tank again,u couldnt see through my water i know u should probably let it settle but it looked horrible so think im goin try argos instead
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    Sand Okay As Substrate?

    how do u clean it because i was told by someone in petshop that it is very difficult especially with a syphon as the sand goes up it as well,i prefer the look of sand and especially if it is better for my bottom feeders
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    Clown Synodontis

    hiya i was wondering if anyone could help me im looking for a Clown Synodontis but am not having much luck,i live in stoke on trent and am struggling to find one,does anyone have any ideas on where id be able to get one from at all many thanks
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    Hoplo Catfish

    i have 2 of these and they are absolutely beautiful and i get great pleasure out of sitting an watching them
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    Im A Newbie Here And Want Some Advice

    hiya thanks for your reply,yes everything is as it should be,my tank has been running abit and my other fish are swimming around happily enough and my platy was till recently,just wondered if it may be pregnant and ready to give birth or summat,im not sure how to tell male and female,so cant...
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    Which Plec To Breed?

    hiya im going sound stupid now because im a beginner,but how do u about breeding plecs?? i absolutely love them but wouldnt know where to start and how do u know which is male and which is female,ive got a common plec at the moment and hes lovely (well i say he,could be she )but am interested in...
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    Im A Newbie Here And Want Some Advice

    hiya im new to this site and am wantin a little advice really,ive got 2 mickey mouse platys in my tank but have recently noticed that one of them keeps sitting under a bridge ornament that i have in the tank and it'll stay there,just wondering if anyone knows any reason for this as im pretty new...