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    125L Sajica Cichlid Tank

    Sorry once again for the lack of updates on this. The fry are now 6 weeks old and doing very well. A lot of them are starting to look like cichlids now. One thing that is quite difficult is cleaning the tank properly during water changes. The male will charge at whatever cleaning implement I...
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    125L Sajica Cichlid Tank

    Some fry at last... The blue light is gone and the fish have grown quite a bit. Loving keeping these fish as they have a lot of character. Their breeding colours are amazing. I'll try and get some better pics soon.
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    125L Sajica Cichlid Tank

    Thanks very much! Really sorry for the lack of updates. The good news is that they have had babies, I spotted a couple of them swimming about last week and the mother got them in her mouth and spat them out back behind the rocks. Bad news is that I've not seen them since. I've added some...
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    Videos Of Your Tank

    I'll add mine to this... Feel free to subscribe to my channel :)
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    All Pond Solutions 240L Tank

    That APS tank looks very impressive. Crisp and clean. Like what you're doing with the scaping, looks very good.
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    2011 Tank Of The Year Voting Poll

    This is gonna be tough but I'm a bit disappointed that November & December 2010 aren't featured in this poll. The last Tank of the year comp ran from Novemebr 09 to October 10.
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    I.d This Plant Please?

    Looks like Hygrophila Corymbosa to me. Maybe a narrow leaf variety.
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    How Did You Come Up With Your Tff Username?

    Mine is just how a girl I used to know pronounced my name. :blush:
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    Which Part Of This Forum Do You Visit Most?

    Me too, 'Today's active content' is how I generally browse TFF.
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    First Planted Effort

    Wow, as others have said, very, very nice tank!
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    My 200L Journal

    That's a shame, is there a reason they're so rare in Mexico? Very common round here to see Congo's of all sizes for sale. I bet that's one happy male you have though :) Cheers Ian.
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    Setting Up A Rainbow Tank

    Congo Tetras and lots and lots of plants :good: In my opinion Lake Katubu (Blue Rainbowfish) are the nicest of the commonly available rainbows.
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    125L Sajica Cichlid Tank

    Cheers mate. I've seen lots of pics and vids of adult Sajica males and they look amazing.
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    My 200L Journal

    Thanks mate. Thanks. Just the usual stuff really. nothing special. Are yours male? I know female Congo's are drab.
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    125L Sajica Cichlid Tank

    Cheers, me neither. :lol: Cheers mate. Thanks mate, hopefully they'll breed. They're not supposed to be too fussy about selecting a mate so we'll see. When the moss gets going it will be better. Thanks. Possibly, but I want to keep it as low maintenance as possible. It's inevitable that...