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  • [quote name='Jackiee' date='2011 - 00:00 PM' timestamp='1299010734' post='2946415']
    cat fish from 0:55-1:05 in the video..[/quote]

    feather fin synos..
    Bright orange, and no actually don't feed her feeder fish, just regular or frozen fish foods, honestly I don't think she'd even go after and eat feeder fish she'd probably leave them be, lol. her mouths quite small too. she has a broken bell ornament that she chills in all the time and chases other fish out of.
    Nice what colour is she?? mines still only about 3-4 inches but she has her own cave and barks at and picks on my convicts and african cichlids thats sweet though you feed it feeders??
    oh and sorry, the bottom doesn't get vacuumed. The plants use all of the rubbish produced by fish.
    Sorry, I responded to your post on the forum before i seen this. It's okay, they're bickering isn't bothering me none. I'm still getting help and information from people, like you. & Thanks, i'll be sure to ask if I have anymore questions. Keepin' my fingers crossed this works.
    and ultimately that means that you need to do some large water changes and gravel vacuum regardless of what medicine you use to keep the water quality high which will prevent stressed fish which then get sick. Not saying I know everything about fish, but I have kept many kinds for a long time, if you have any questions I'd be happy to help.
    Sorry, it looks like your help post is going to turn into an arguement between those two. I was just giving you some advice based on how I would treat/have treated my fish before.
    Either way, regardless of whether the hydrogen sulfide is actually toxic to the fish or not, the underlying problem is that it seems to be happening in the tank, meaning there is trapped waste in the tank ...
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