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    When the sleeper wakes...

    So you like birds and macro photography. Random photos from New Zealand.
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    Heater sizeq

    No it is just fine, it will just heat the water faster. I usually like to use two heaters in a tank so in a fifty gallon I would have two 3oo watt heaters one at each end.
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    Said goodbye to our beloved dog, Jack - feeling guilty as well as devastated.

    I am sorry to here of your loss, Take care B
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    Are cherry shrimp safe in an oscar cichlid tank

    Filtration is the best clean up crew for an Oscar.
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    Pictus Catfish

    Like I said you have kept these fish in schools so you are best to advise. And it has been stated google doesn't keep fish, we do.
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    Pictus Catfish

    Disregard my advise. @Ichthys and @Byron have kept these fish in large schools and will be able to help you out.
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    Pictus Catfish

    And neither do I obviously
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    Pictus Catfish

    I have only ever kept Pictus by themselves. Before I posted into this thread I did a google search and google said they are fine by themselves as well. But it looks like I am wrong again, you need to go out and grab half a dozen or more just to be on the safe side.
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    Just a few questions...

    If you are going to use sand make sure it is smooth. Watch out for those sharp edged silica slithers that will damage your fish gills and intestines. Make sure your sand is natural and not man made.
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    Yoyos and Barbs Eating Veggies

    I really don't know why anyone would be happy, with a tank of acid loving fish living in an Alkaline tank. An Acid tank for starters will mean that any Ammonia spikes will be nonexistent. I think that the Gh hardness is more important argument is based around the fact you can't figure out how to...
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    Pictus Catfish

    Pictus are fine by themselves. What else is in the tank?. They like to go hunting at night so be careful that none of his tank mates are bite size.
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    Which Corys Do You Have?

    I am surprised at how many people are keeping their Cory's on gravel. To my eye it looks natural. The photos of the Cory's on the bright sand just looks all wrong. The fish stand out way to much for it to be a natural medium for them to be on.
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    How many plants for silent cycle?

    Looks good to me
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    Help me identify my new plant please

    Could be.
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    molly with internal parasite, velvet, and fungus

    Please don't use pH buffering agents. They will just give you a headache