More than 45 years keeping, breeding and selling fish. Try to keep it natural. Spent the last 20 years chemical free. Encourage people to be chemical free, after all said and done fish live in water. Breeding achievements that I'm proud of Silver Dollars, Corydoras Sterbii and Emerald green Catfish( community tank multiple times together). Whiptail catfish, Clown killifish and pygmy catfish ( community tank together ). Kissing Gourami. Near things Butterfly fish, Kuhli loaches, Chocolate Gourami, Discus.
Sep 2, 1961 (Age: 60)
Hokitika, New Zealand
Bread Baker by trade, Now run a garden maintenance business with my wife, we have been operating for more than 10 years keeping people in their homes as long as we can


I like the idea of bringing the world into your living room, keeping it as natural as possible.
Please try to do things naturally, why would a fish want to hang out in a man-made pot rather than a piece of driftwood or a natural rock cave. You must think like a fish


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