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    Chameleon Shrimp

    Aww... I'm sorry. :( What a pity...
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    Chameleon Shrimp

    As for getting more shrimp, I'm afraid I don't know enough about how how territorial chameleons are... They grow to about 6cm, so provided they're not too aggressive, you could possibly keep one or two more in there. Even small macros often like their own territory though, so keep this in mind. :)
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    Chameleon Shrimp

    Hmmm... I agree. Sadly, I don't think there are any tankmates whose safety could be guaranteed. At least, none that wouldn't try to eat your shrimp anyway. On the plus side, macrobrachium shrimp like chameleons are wonderful little animals. Take good care of him, and he should be such an...
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    Shy Shrimp

    It could be they're feeling a little insecure. Like lots of small animals, shrimp are often scared of open spaces, and they can be quite reclusive if you have less than 4 or so. I'd suggest buying a few more plants (especially ones that provide surface cover like dwarf hairgrass), and perhaps a...
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    Shrimp Video

    Cheers people. :) At the moment, I have 5 amanos, 5 cherries, 1 rice prawn (Macrobrachium Lanchesteri) and 1 unknown (I think he's a hybrid of some kind). Both the unknown and the prawn were labelled as red nosed shrimp (and they all look more or less the same when they're babies). Unknown...
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    Shrimp Video

    Shrimp! Enjoy... :P
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    Amano Shrimp

    Try looking at this page. ;)
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    Cherry Shrimp Not Multiplying

    I have a feeling the rasboras might help with population control. Probably the lanchesteri too. ;) Thanks for the info, man!
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    Emperor Scorpion!

    Scorpion? :blink: Hmmm... I have no idea. If they're like crabs and lobsters, males will be slightly larger, with more developed claws. But I've no idea if they follow the same rules. Arachnids and crustaceans are entirely different classes of arthropod.
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    Suspected Pair

    Crayfish porn? :lol:
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    Can You Belive This!

    Actually, there is scientific evidence that strongly suggests they're capable of feeling pain. Amongst other things, crayfish have opioid receptors just like humans. Actually, here's an article on it.
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    Which Shrimp?

    I say this all too often, but it's well worth calling a few LFSs and seeing if they can order you any. Otherwise, I'm certain there are a few places in London (as well as one near Bolton) that will stock pretty much any kind of shrimp.
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    Amano Shrimp.....eggs!

    Amano shrimp do reportedly thrive in brackish water in the wild, but I believe the babies need a little more salt than most adults can handle. Raising amano zoes (larvae) is a tricky business... I believe Bloo has a thread somewhere around here with details on how to do it...
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    New Crayfish

    Bobo, you're like a cray guru. :D
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    Which Shrimp?

    Ghosts should be fine. Perhaps red noses...?