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    Tetraodon Nigroviridis

    My GSP eats anything even peas!!?? :blink: Try soaking the food in garlic first... fish love it and it wards off parasites and pathogens. ;)
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    Indigestion Or Parasite?

    Hhhmmm not sure... I would soak his food in garlic just incase.
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    Free Fish
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    Swim Bladder Disease

    I have a 5" fancy goldfish which has swim bladder disease. This is the second time, the first time I treated him with peas which worked. This time I have tried peas, epsom salts and various medications as well as frequent water changes and it hasn't righted it self. However instead of floating...
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    FREE FISH!!!

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    FREE FISH!!!

    Due to various personal reasons, I have decided to give away my coldwater fish which comprise of: 1 x Golden Brown Ranchu approx 4"-5" 1 x Calico Fantial approx 4"-5" 1 x Pearlscale approx 2" 2 x Weather loach approx 6" N.B. Fantail has swimbladder problems and swims upside down regularly and...
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    Brackish stores in the UK

    Shirley Aquatics, Shirley, Birmingham have got just about every brackish fish you can think of.
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    Puffer tankmates?

    You won't be able to keep F8s and GSPs together as GSPs will require a higher salinity than F8s. Generally GSPs will not tolerate any other tank mates except their own once they've reached maturity. So you could go for two GSPs alone in a 50g tank as they grow to 6". Figure 8s can be kept with...
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    I WANT 1

    Learn as much about marine tanks as you can before you decide on anything. A fish only marine aquarium isn't that much different from a freshwater aquarium. The only extra expense is probably a protein skimmer, marine mix and maybe RO water. But when you start looking at live rock or coral or...
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    When should they be moved??

    Yes, you shouldn't raise the s.g. anymore than 1.002 a week, and should only really be done once the GSP is around 4".
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    Clean-up crew for puffers

    Ok I know snails and crabs are out the question but do you think they'ld go for hermit crabs or urchins? Any thing else I could try? I have a green spotted puffer btw.
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    Live Rock SG?

    I have one lovely Green Spotted Puffer in a 20g tank which I'm converting from brackish to fully marine. I have just changed the substrate to argonite and am now doing water changes with RO water. I have purchase a 36W T5 compact to go with my 18W T8 tube. Now all I need is live rock. The SG is...
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    Figure 8 Puffers

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was two species of figure 8 to be honest because all the ones we get here has the distinctive 8 like swirls quite spead out. Where as some pictures I see on here have got loads of squiggles and dots and look very different. :S These for instance...