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    This is what i use, I can move the light up and down with one hand. Makes it very easy to work in the tank
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    My reef at 1y6m

    Thanks! I'm running a 250w 14k Hamilton single-ended metal halide bulb in a Reef Optix III pendant, its lit by an ARO 250w electronic ballast.
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    My reef at 1y6m

    Thanks for all the compliments! I recenlty scraped all that coraline off the front glass. Its such a pain it grows so fast! This weekend the job is to scrape at least one side clean. The weather is really heating up, so i'm also going to try and mount the return pump out of the water, it adds...
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    Red corals

    Its a zoo polyp. In the second pic you can see about 9 new blasto babies forming though, pretty exciting :D
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    My reef at 1y6m

    :lol: Thank you! I've worked real hard on this tank and it is completely DIY. I cut a notch out of the back and glued on an external overflow. I also did the fuge, sump and baffles myself. I made PVC racks for the rocks as to keep any detrious off the sandbed, and mounted the Seio Tunze style...
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    my percs hosting a frogspawn

    Great pic! My clowns also host my frogspawn. They are my fav fish, great personalities.
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    My reef at 1y6m

    Spotted mandarin: Clowns: My helpers, lazy at that LOL Thanks for looking!
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    My reef at 1y6m

    Another milli that hasn't decided what color to become: Oregon blue tort: Frogspawn frag: Monti cap: Browned out acro coloring up nicely A. soharsoni: M. danae:
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    My reef at 1y6m

    Now for the corals: Red blastos budding Purple bonzai: Green slimer: Blue milli frag: Brightest zoos i've seen: More zoos:
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    My reef at 1y6m

    Hey guys, i pop in time to time to do some posts, check out new pics, answer some questions and update my pics. So its about that time again. Well i started with this: And it has slowely evovled these last 18months into this, enjoy!
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    Metal Halide bulbs?

    Yep, the bulbs at Lowes have lower Kelvin temps, giving off a very yellow color. Algae loves the lower temps of those bulbs so we use bulbs with more blue to discourage the algae and give the corals a nice color. Of course, we still battle algae time to time.
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    Black Onyx True Percula Clownfish

    Good choice on the black percs, i love mine. He's paired up with an orange perc. FWIW those neon cleaner gobies have a low survival rate long term in tanks.
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    few questions for a newbie

    Not real sure what you are asking, but i'll give it a go. Your tank is too small for a tang. A pair of clowns and a small school of chromis would be perfect. For soft corals you will probably need at least 100w PC, that will be your least expensive option. For a skimmer i recommend the AquaC urchin.
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    Red corals

    Nah, you just gotta know where to look! My LFS got a big rock of some down in cali a few months ago. I paid $27 for this. Then: Now:
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    Acanthastrea lordhowensis

    The prices are dropping a bit, but still ridiculously high. The PPE zoos went thru the same thing, now they are down to 10 bucks a polyp or less. It all goes in fazes. Next year there will be another "hot" coral.