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  • Even if it doesn't get me anywhere, my thanks for answering and thinking.
    so i just need 2 put a non return vaule befor it enter the tank ? what aboutt he frofing in the first bottom it will still enter the second bottle ...
    hi ianho, do u c any problems with me advertising fish on here? i dont mean listing all the fish from my shop but if i have anything i want to pass on for a fair price as and when im making tank space really. not aproblem if its not appropriate mate but thought id check first, cheers chris
    Hello ianho! Sorry about my previous post. I just made my introduction! It was quite stupid of me to not introduce myself first! I made a simple introduction about what cazzy said. You could read it if you fancy :)
    Thanks for the reply :)
    Wow, how convenient. Crud produced by the fish gets used up by the plants, sounds like a dream opposed to gravel vacuuming all the time -_- lol.
    and I actually just came across that thread by chance, wandering through the forums. Thanks!
    Is it possible to still have a well planted tank without the use of cO2? or is it pretty much nece...
    Your Trigon Island planted tank is gorgeous!
    Props to you.
    What types of plants are in it?
    And this might be a stupid question, but when you have plants all throughout your substrate like that, how do you manage to vaccuum the gravel at the bottom?
    Can I ask, where did you find your rock for your small tank? Been looking every where for something similar but nobody seems to have much in the way of good rock. Its the same with roots and wood, really doesnt seem to be much at all in my area.
    How do you get the Riccia Fluitans to stay on the bottom? do you have to trim the roots? (saw on a website the roots grow upwards???)
    Hi Ian, when are you uploading some video in your profile??? Tanks look great... Have you updated the Iwagumi?
    I'm liking the tanks especially the on the edge tank so small and good aqua-scaping looks well nice!
    Ok thanks for letting me know.
    I might think of geting 1 and getting some cherry shrimp..... But my LFS don't have cherry shrimp in very often.
    Alessa x.
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