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  • Alrite dude, no long from droppin them at their new 7ft home there. Got £30 for the pair so thats no bad. Thats the tank completely empty now, water n all! makes me sad.
    Sorry pal, forgot to answer lol. My main focus on producing is industrial hardcore, schranz, darkcore but lately been working on neurofunk dnb and whatever else tickles the fansty lol. ophidian would have to be my fav for hardcore scene lol.
    Least ther all ok man. goin to ma kip, early rise the mora. ferns bak to work the mora so am on dad duties haha peace brother
    Aye a no man, had a we fatality masel the day. ma big cory and another white widdow. gona do a massive water change the mora.
    Aye man he was sayin that, red his post too. They were fine in ma tank tho, honest. hope they pick up a bit man, they will look quality in his big tank.
    Pretty good brother, pretty good. just havin a quick look about before a hit the hay. finally figured out how to put pics up on here properly haha only took fukin 2 months!
    Yeh the gear is expensive, most has gone up alot in price too. Selling up most of my gear now, single mk5 and pair mk5g as i hardly mix too now too focused on producing.
    Lol no problem mate. I've got a pair of pioneer cdj1000mk3s but the ones in the picture wasnt mine, was a gig in ayr. I prefer vinyl more, has more of a feel to it but aint used a vinyl for a very long time lol. My main genre is hardcore, mainly sub-genre of it. Not UK hardcore though lol. bout you mate?
    Aye a heard man, bit mad in't it? they fish could survive a holocost too. Trevs on the forum now man, he just commented on ma sevs haha aye suppose al need to give it a proper clean soon. gona blast the rock with a jetwash, pain in the kunt haha
    Euan took ma dollers the nite, tank looks a bit less cramped now... its fukin boggin tho haha well needs a good cleanin!! Hate tryin to reach in tho
    just read ure mag there m8 lol was reading tht thread bout the guy wae deep sea world in a shed in his back garden!! fooking mental!! aint no way id put that much money into summin to keep it in a fooking shed at the bottom of my garden!!!
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