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    Pygmy Cory

    A Pygmy Cory isn't going to be able to eat an adult shrimp, but yes it will be able to eat baby shrimp, but from what I've seen I'm not sure if they'd be aggressive enough to eat baby shrimp.
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    Baby Mollies Question...

    The weak Fry naturally die out, some just aren't strong enough to live. The reason you don't find a body is these reasons,   the body is small and can be hidden easily by ornaments and such, also its tank mates even small fry can nibble at it.   Good Luck raising the rest of the fry!    
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    Not New, But Feels Like It! - Returning Member

    Hello all my fellow fish keepers! I haven't been on these Forums in a long time! Glad to see it is still running well, this is one of the best Fish Forums on the Internet! I joined in 2009 which I can't believe was 4 years ago.   Just a little about me, since I don't suspect I'll know many of...
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    Back! Haven't Been On In Awhile!

    Hello all fish friends!! I haven't been on since January! I see format has changed and improved with some new cool features, I recognize some users, others are new to me! Glad to be back!
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    Drop Again?

    Usually a good time to re introduce them is when they are a bit bigger than the size of all of the types of fish in your tank. normally for me I wait a minimum a month.
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    Another One For The Experts To Id Please.

    Not sure what type but I sure do like them! :good:
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    Which Cories Do I Have?

    I concur with frazzledazzel I think they are Agassizii corys
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    Weird Guppy Fry

    Wow never seen this, it would be a miracle if they live much longer.
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    Ignorant People Buying Fish

    I see where you are coming from Bignose, and honestly I don't think there is much that can be done other than simply speaking up when you see a ignorant fish transaction in your lfs, most cases nothing may be done but some people for sure can be reached. Also if you notice that employees are...
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    Harmful Amounts Of Ammonia

    Anything above 0 is a killer of fish,period. I would bet the number one killer of aquarium fish is ammonia.
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    Your Fish Keeping New Years Resolution

    Go for it! I am sure there are people on this forum who may have some helpful advice.
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    Your Fish Keeping New Years Resolution

    I thought of a good one, to not lose any fish to unnatural causes. Happy new year everyone !! Wishing happiness & Good Health for all of you and your fish!!
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    Your Fish Keeping New Years Resolution

    Haha my brother does the same thing with my parents, apparently a new 55 gallon fish tank only costs....150$ All of these resolutions are good!
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    Is My Black Molly Pregnant? (Pics)

    I don't recommend putting the molly in a breeding trap especially if you are new to livebearers and fish keeping. The reason is if you put the fish in to soon the mother can either abort the pregnancy, give birth prematurely to un developed fry, also the worst thing being the fish will die from...
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    Is My Black Molly Pregnant? (Pics)

    She is pregnant, I would say she is less than a week away from a drop, the male dalmation will mate with her after she drops