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    To crop & dock or Not ??

    I have 2 boxers, both rescued at an 'older' age so docking and cropping was not an option. I think its cruel because dogs are beautifull in their natural beauty, they dont need ears that stick up, or a short tail. My first boxer who is 5 now we got from a boxer rescue in NY and she has a...
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    My dedication Thread to my wonderful Bonds

    :-( Oh I am so sorry! She appeared to live a great life
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    Rescue Case - George

    Thats such a great thing you did saving him, He's a cute lil' bugger :wub:
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    cleaning my rat

    Most hamsters are hyper! I had a hamster who was like on steriods or stimulants and drugs because she was crazy, characteristic of most hamsters. I hope everything is alright with your rat!
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    Thats Hysterical! I Love cats but its a shame because I cant have cats because I am deathly allergic to them.
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    Something Awful Has Happened..

    Aww Thats awful!!! Iamsoo sorry for your loss :-(
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    Picture of The Moon

    Thats Amazing, and way to complicated to even begin to ponder whats far beyond our earth. Great pic!
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    Just some hot air balloons

    Oh They're gorgeous! I Love the silhouettes one :)
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    More Miniature Horse Piccies

    Adorable! To bad I am afriad of horsees :(
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    Kinvara Castle at night

    Thats a Awesome picture, Brilliant :kewlpics:
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    WoW - Dolphin Surfers !

    God Thats amazing.
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    Mexico Critters

    Gorgeous :kewlpics:
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    Beach pictures...

    God I wish I was at a beach right now :)
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    Fish Smuggler

    Hahahaha thast great! Probablly Arrowanas
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    The fish we caught today....

    Good Eating :) Aww Your cat seems to love you so much