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    It's been awhile...

    Link, I hate that you felt the need to drag me back with you...
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    Hello stranger Remember this? :D

    Hello stranger Remember this? :D
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    Ripley The Corn

    He's very very sexeh Matt. Just a couple more words, Sy/Houdini hatchlings, interested? Hopefully next year if all goes to plan ;)
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    My Little Corn Snake

    He's stunning Matt, very very sexeh. You going to get him a partner at some point?
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    Time Issue?

    In your control panel, if you click on board settings there is a little tick box for daylight saving hours. That'll be your problem =) Toggle it on or off to get the desired effect.
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    Broken Chat

    I have to agree with Andy, your not the only people who have had these problems before. Most of us (us older members) use mIRC. Krib how long have you waited on the white box with the cross?
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    Oh Matt, Ripley's simply stunning. A gorgeous little anery corn. So so cute... (secretly hoping Ripley is female for a lovely male stud)
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    Paul_mts's Snakes (picture Heavy)

    Well I went to visit Paul_MTS the other week to help Sir Puddles into his new shin tank and I happened to steal my sisters Digital SLR for the occasion. Puddles is very difficult to take pictures of I have decided. But i also managed to get pictures of Paul's new snakes.... I have to say I'm...
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    New Huge Tank!

    Eeeeep! I'm here and I'm going to post! So, we began moving him round yesterday after a quick play with the new snakes (some awesome pictures of them to be uploaded soon as well!) So Paul began by doing the most important thing when moving a fish (well an electric one) put on rubber gloves...
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    Amazon Tree Boas

    They certainly felt that big when she sunk them into my finger... And I bled more :P
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    Amazon Tree Boas

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    Tigers Tigers Everywhere

    Ooooh, they're all so shiny... They're all so pretty but I have to say I like the Tiger knife fish best. Very nice fish CFC :)
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    To be honest I have absolutely no idea, I wasn't the one who banned them. I'll remove the ban for now, ti stime it was removed anyway. See if you can get in now kribensis. :)
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    Yes but yesterday adn the day before we had some issues with a member being rude in chat and they received a ban. Unfortunately they're ip kept changing so we had to do a far more complicated ban which meant only banning the first few digits of the ip (or something) and that may be your problem...