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    My assassin snail population has tripled, is this a problem?

    If the tank is already pushing stocking limits, waste building up can be a cause for a spike in population. Keeping the tank clean and being wary of excess food will help control the population.
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    Could a Catfish species work?

    I LOVE Platydoras Armatulus, I had one for years before he finally passed . :( He liked the water pretty warm, it was usually about 80. Now I can't find them anywhere
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    Welcome to a new member! @_elpe

    yay! welcome to the forum @_elpe !!
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    Is it worth selling/breeding these guppies?

    lol well, you won't be breeding them, they'll be doing that all on their own either way
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    Lol mayyybe just by a few degrees.
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    I wish to donate my Juwel 180 freshwater setup

    Well I’m in the US, but looks great to whoever can get it! Generous of you to give it away.
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    I wish to donate my Juwel 180 freshwater setup

    It looks nice! But I don’t think I’m anywhere near a reasonable location. How many gallons is it? (Or liters)
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    We dug the pond ourselves, it’s in the backyard. We’ve added goldfish and some other turtles in there. :)
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    I wish to donate my Juwel 180 freshwater setup

    nice! whoever lives nearby is lucky. :(
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    he's in a 55 gallon currently, he'll get an upgrade when he outgrows it. We have a large pond, though, if he needs it. I thought painted turtles needed more water (deeper, just more space in general) than other types? He does really enjoy swimming. When I said roaming around, I just meant he...
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    We had lots of snow! Unfortunately, some people don’t have power still after 4 days. We had 22 inches by the end of it. Pictures are from the first hour
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    I have a painted turtle who loves to explore outside his tank... when I do water changes, I can’t fill up the tank all the way to the top, because he’ll climb over the edge. I know I need some kind of lid, but I’m not sure how to do it. There’s a box with a ramp that lets him go up and get his...
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    Struggling with plants.

    Thank you so much to everyone who helped! The plants are looking so much better now, and sending off more runners than I can count! :lol:
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    Red eye tetra

    What are your water parameters?
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    When I went to order it, the fenbendazole was labeled as deworming, the place I was getting it from doesn’t even carry flubendenzole. That’s why I was asking, will fenbendazole work for my purpose, or do I need to look elsewhere? Other than that, they just have the praziquantel.