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    Vacation disaster

    My nanotank was looking great before I went on vacation. My frogbit which was previously yellowed were thriving enough that I was regularly growing some out to not overcrowd the surface. I typically dose Fluorish Excel daily and Fluorish Supplement weekly. I left for just one week. Someone came...
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    Quarantine disaster

    What did I do wrong? I got some hygrophila, Java fern, blyxa, tiger lotus, and Christmas moss. I sterilized them in bleach then put them in a small (10 cup) glass quarantine container with RO water and added some liquid fertilizer and CO2, put it by the window. Full water changes daily. After 5...
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    Two questions. Nitrate always 0 ok? Use Algae Fix or leave it alone?

    I have a 5 gallon tank, cycled now for 6 weeks. I have a betta, two tiny Nerite snails, a few Java ferns, an anubius, Silvina, frogbit. I do weekly water changes to vacuum the gravel. My ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are consistently 0 for 6 weeks. Is this ok for my plants? They’re all doing...
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    Hi! I’m Jennifer.

    Thanks! I have plans for a bigger tank next time, thinking I’ll do soil or sand.
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    Hi! I’m Jennifer.

    Hi everyone! I’m Jennifer, new aquarium enthusiast thrust into this world thanks to my 5-year old who wanted a fish. I’ve made EVERY rookie mistake so far, but our betta, Fleur, managed to survive. It’s now my tank and the kids are occasionally involved.
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    Algae or mold?

    Is this just algae or white mold? Easy to remove with a pipette but it keeps growing back. TIA!