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  • Hey FWFishLover,
    You posted on the competition page by S~B~G and i just wanted to clarify that SBG is actually me and i do own many tanks and i love fish! It's a long story short but i thought that i had changed my account name to SBG but i'd actually opened a new account hence the post rate.
    All i ask is dont lose faith with the people on this forum =) We're all fish...
    I actually did the international taekwondo federation stye. (ITF) (white to yellow to yellow with green stripe to green ect.) I made it to first dan (first degree black belt) before I moved. Where I moved there is no taekwondo, but there is aikido, so I may actually try that one out.
    ick is the worst. I finally have the tank to the optimal temp. It doesn't look like my x-rays are liking it. I may take out one more gallon of water just to make sure they're getting enough oxygen. hopefully this works.
    hey ya FWFishLover. sadly momma isn't gonna have fry. She decided a good hiding place was behind the heater, and ended up getting burned. She died shortly after. However, my other female may be pregnant. Not sure. I'm keeping an eye on her.
    I'm really flattered =) there are loads of great, knowledgeable members here, I'm just sorry everything got tense in that thread. Don't be put off listening to others though.
    Good luck!
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