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  • Thanks hun! It really is so rewarding if/when you can bring them round. They are so terrified of humans. some never come round fully,- I kept and rehomed some as farm cats. At least that way they had food, shelter and a proper home,- even if they wouldn't allow themselves the comfort of a loving lap.
    Oh, wow, that's amazing of you. There's a feral cat rescue in my city, like 50 acres just devoted to feral cats. It's amazing to just sit and watch them, and you always feel so special when one comes up to you. Good job! It's great to know that there are people who want to make a difference for the feral kitties :)
    It was hectic zophie! There was a feral colony in the disused pig farm next to my smallholding. I rescued a large number of cats and kittens over several years. I kept 14 of them and re-homed the rest (once tame and healthy!) via friends or our local animal rescue centre
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