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    New Updated Pictures Of My Ferrets

    Are ferrets like big rats? :blush:
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    Squirrel Photographs

    Woah that first one has been fattening up for winter! :lol: at Wolf
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    The Royal Today

    I caught a bit of it today and thought it was rubbish! I never watch soaps or any kind of tv series though. I am guessing this program is like a modern version of The Royal which i thought was a spin off of Heartbeat? Like a spin off of a spin off? :blink:
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    So We Got This Guinea Pig.

    I rehomed two piggies from the RSPCA, they had been born in care and hardly ever handled. They are both very skittish, although they don't run away when you walk by anymore. As much as they hated it, i handled them often. Using cucumber as a bribe, that way they associate handling with something...
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    Guinea Pigs

    Well 7 years would be old....
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    Guinea Pigs

    With careful introduction two females could easily become friends! I had two females together since they were babies, i then added another two females and they get along fine. Their nails do need cutting occasionally but a vet would also cut them fairly cheaply. :good:
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    Guinea Pigs

    Ok here goes; Guinea pigs will have an aroma whether they are male or female, although getting a sow (female) would be better because: Guinea pigs are sociable so like company, if the rescue centre has any pairs it would be better to adopt a pair. However, if you are adopting a sow then you...
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    My Artwork

    Erm is the mouth fish under the sea designed to look a bit like a vagina as the pic is called 'down below'? My brother is a good free hand drawer but i am terrible, i can't copy either. I like them!
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    Frozen Food

    I guess for smaller fish, frozen food would have an effect. My African frog will eat an entire frozen boodworm cube given the chance! When i had big fish it didn't have an effect at all-i think its personal preference :good:
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    Help - Marks On My Pleco's Belly

    Actually i do remember him having a little yellow almost golden colour around the throat... That will look awesome, cant wait to see pics!!! Zoe :good:
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    Help - Marks On My Pleco's Belly

    :| Hiya, Just catching up-been really busy so havent had time for the forum! Andy, i dont remember seeing any lesions when we caught him. Although i can't say we were looking. I hope he's ok.... Zoe ????
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    Mini S D Card

    I am having a nightmare with my memory card aswell. I have about 14 songs and my phone constantly says i don't have enough memory to recieve texts anymore! I am stumped as i have only used 77mb on a 2g card!
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    Guinea Pigs

    I have a group of 5! Four sows and a neutered boar. Three of mine are long haired and take a fair bit of grooming to keep them looking clean and tidy. I keep them inside in a hutch. My five are fantastic as a group, there is no way i would keep a piggie on its own. I initially started with two...
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    White Dot On My Severum's Eye

    I don't think its Whitespot, it was probably from the drama of bagging them. It should heal on it's own in clean water, failing that a dose of Melafix will probably clear it up :)