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    Ok. Thanks for your input. So you dont use water softeners or anything?
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    But did you move from city to well, or were you always on it?
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    Hi all. Haven't been on in a while because my tanks have all been doing quite well. As the title says, I am going to be moving soon. I am currently on city water, and the place I am moving to is on well water. The water there is very hard. So my question is directed at anyone who has moved in a...
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    Thanks for your kind words everyone. Yes scooterchick the tank does seem much quieter. Everytime I look at it Im half expecting her to be there. She was a monster backley420. Biggest Angel I've seen. Never actually measured her though. Shes buried in the yard with her old friend plec the sea...
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    Could I Add Anymore Fish To My Tank

    Your probably pretty close. Whats the rule of thumb guys something like 2 inches of fish per gallon? I think thats it, and since Plecks and Angels actually poop enough for 2 fish Id stop there. Do you have any pics?
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    Thank you. And yes she was at least 13. My husband and I checked the math twice. He inherited her from his dad who had her at least 6 years. I have lived with him for 6 and he had her quite a while before I moved in. So we may even be under estimating because he cant remember how many years he...
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    Where To Buy Good Fish

    It occured to me the other day when my Fave Angel passed away :( that she was just about the oldest aquarium fish I ever saw. Even my foot long common pleck was only 10 when he died last year. I bought both of those fish at North American Fish Breeders on Kingston Rd. Near Midland. So if you...
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    She was such a sweet fish. Lived most her life with neons and didn't eat them. She recognized me when I went up to the tank and would give me kisses at the surface. And when strangers went near the tank she would hide. Such a sweet smart fish. Here is a picture Visit My Website
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    Offered Free Yellow Lab

    Yeah tell me about it. Im always trying to talk people out of buying them when I see them in stores. Definately not aquarium fish. I ended up taking them from someone who was getting rid of them. They can even be a danger to other fish if kept with anything thats fragile. Luckily cichlids are as...
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    Offered Free Yellow Lab

    lol. Yep id sharks are dumb. I sort of inherited them, and of course I care for them the best I can but I would never buy one. They are not good aquarium fish. I call them dumb because if you spook them (this can be done by switching a light on or just walking up to the tank too fast) they swim...
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    Offered Free Yellow Lab

    I was offered a yellow lab by an aquaintance who no longer wants her fish. The only problem I have is that I cant put it with my Angels, which only leaves one tank. The shark tank. Normally I wouldnt put anything with those dumb ass sharks because of theyre spooky behaviour being a danger to a...
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    Just vacumed cleaned my 10g need advice

    Bu twhy use your mouth when gravity will do the work for u? By the way Durbkat you are talking about a tank siphon and not a vacuum cleaner right? Im confuzed
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    id shark

    Exactly. Greed is what seems to be driving the aquarium industry these days unfortunately. Has anyone else noticed the growing number of dyed fish appearing at big als lately. Last time I was in there I could barely find any natural fish. They even have this hybrid rainbowfish now. :angry:
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    Rip Nessy

    yep most likely I will because I think Plecs are sooo cute. :wub: And they have great personalities.
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    Lifespan of angels

    :D thanks. The one in my avatar is a scalare right? Thats not the one in question but she is similar in colour but with brown patches instead of black stripes.