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    Introducing My Bettas!

    I love Dawn!
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    1 Eyed Goldfish

    Almost a week ago I went to the petstore just to get crickets and a ghost catfish. Then I saw him, the most amazing fish ever. He is a black and gold fancy goldfish, a few inches long. He has one eye. It looks like he was born that way because his left eye is just gone, there is no hole or...
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    Im home with Twinkie now, I need a few tips. How do I introduce him to my room but let him know that going to the bathroom and stuff will be done in his cage? I have decided to litter box train him but Sky, my other bunny, doesn't have a litter box, but he knows when its time for cage and when...
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    Rats..... Hmm...

    1. I would not use a dog crate, the bars seem to far apart. 2. My best friend has a female rat and she is a love, so Im not sure how to answe this one. lol
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    I was told you can't show neutered bucks, but yes I do stud him as well. I have an airconditioned shed that most of my bunnies live in (minus Sky and soon to be Twinkie). My bucks do fine in with all the other rabbits (They have seperate cages). But they are out a lot, like in there pens...
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    I Had To Save Him

    I found Wasabi a home. Today he goes to his new owner ;)
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    I show my other male so he can't be neutered. I would if I didn't show him.
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    I have two dressers across the room from eachother. Sky is on one and Twinkie will go on the other, they will change out who has run of the room so they will not come in contact with eachother. Sky is not neutered and I don't plan on neutering him (unless for some reason he really needs it).
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    I Had To Save Him

    Thanks, I much rather find him a home here, so I wouldn't have to put him through any shipping or stress but my time here is getting closer and closer to being up so I don't know how that would work out.
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    Do You Guys Use Breeder Traps?

    Do you guys use breeder traps? I personally don't, I just heavily plant my tank for my pregnant females.
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    Getting A 30 Gallon, What To Stock?

    hmm, interesting suggestions.
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    Where To Buy

    Its like ebay, but for fish, so many different people. Im sure most do, and some probably live in the uk.
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    Where To Buy

    I would use aqua bid, it as such a variety. I have never bought from the site you said, but ive seen the site before. Good luck :good:
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    I am starting up a pond behind my house. I don't have everything planned out but I really want some nice fish for it. It will be Huge so im not too concerned about space (I have my pond site and already planning it). Here is what I am thinking -2 Black Moors -2 Koi -1 Fancy Fin Goldfish...
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    Adopted A Betta

    He's a tubby lil' guy. Very cute though, doesn't look like he has finrot, just raggedy fins. Good luck with your new Betta :D