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    Random Java Fern Growing In Gravel?

    I have a 40 gallon tank with 2 java fern in them right now! 1 has been in for about 2 months, and the other for 2-3 weeks. Recently I found this random plant growing in the gravel, and identified it as java fern due to its leaves and roots. I dont know how it got in the gravel, and how well it...
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    Help With Neon Tetras...

    Great to know! Thank you. I guess that means we've provided them with a good home? :)
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    Help With Neon Tetras...

    So my 40 gallon has been established for about 3 months and I have had no problems. (knock on wood). I have 5 neon tetras in there, who as of a few days ago have been acting completely normal. However, all of a sudden, its like they all got into a big argument and split up. Really weird behavior...
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    New 40 Gallon Community

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the hobby and this is my 2nd tank( My first one was a little 10 gallon). This tank has been established for about a month now, and seems to be going pretty well. Stocking: 1 Krib 5 Neon Tetra 4 Zebra Danios 2 Guppies (looking to get a few more) 2 Bumblebee Goby 2...
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    Questions About A Pregnant Platy

    I read that they should only be in there for a most of 48 hours. So maybe leave her in there for that long, and if there are still no fry, move her back into the main tank and see what happens. She sounds like she is close, but every fish is different so you can never tell.
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    Bigger The Fish, The More Fry?

    So Its been a few more hours, and I believe she hasnt produced many more fry, but I still see spots in her gravid spot, which I have read is the eyes of the fry. So does this mean there is more to come? She is still squared off. It has been about 4-5 hours now.
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    Bigger The Fish, The More Fry?

    So I have a Pregnant Platy currently in labor. She has produced maybe... 5 fry so far, and it has been hours. I feel like its a really slow process, almost to slow. She is huge, and I thought maybe she'd have over 20 fry, but by the looks of it, unless shes going to be in labor for 12 hours, I...
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    Newbie Driftwood Mistake..

    Try boiling the wood for a few hours. Get the biggest pot you have, and boil some water. Submerge as much of the wood as you can, (rotate it to get both sides of the driftwood) and change the water every 15- 20 minutes. Do this for 2 hours, and soak it over night, it should be pretty good. That...
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    Looking For Some More Freshwater Community Fish.

    Hello, I am new to aquariums and fishkeeping, and I have a 40 gallon tank, with 4 neon tetras, 2 zebra danios, 2 sunburst platy's, 2 guppies, 1 albino catfish, 1 algae eater, 2 bumblebee fish, and 1 Krib. I was hoping to get a few more fish to complete my tank. I have been trying to do some...