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    No snow here this morning, just frost but a very sweet sunrise!
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    Site/Server Upgraded

    Chrome running on OSX, Windows and Linux seems fine. Thanks for the upgrade and all the work you do to keep the site running :thanks:
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    Acceptable Nitrate Levels.

    I think your tanks have achieved a nice balance and a key feature seems to be they are heavily planted. I hope to get to that point some day, but not there yet. I do find my heavily planted tanks are more forgiving when it comes to water change schedules. My choice of critters seem to keep me...
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    Water mites in Betta tanks?

    They look like seed shrimp. They are great as food and will also keep your tank clean. Totally harmless. I try to breed them as I find them quite useful in the aquarium.
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    USA folks: where you do get your plants online?

    Did you get them? I am very curious about their packages...
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    Very easy to move. It comes apart and it is not very heavy.
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    Do the best-laid plans of mice & men....

    Please make sure to wash the lettuce really well (organic preferable) to avoid introducing pesticides into the tank.
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    Word Association Game

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    Do the best-laid plans of mice & men....

    Yep, @Colin_T has an issue with the gastropods :( Still a god and well respected, and I ask the snails to forgive him ;)
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    I have come to appreciate and love snow after living a few degrees north of the Equator for several years. Love the seasons, and it does help that I do not drive ;)
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    Pressed babies? Really? @WhistlingBadger
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    Can I come play???
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    White floating pods?

    What else lives in your aquarium and what size is it? What are your parameters? Can you post a picture of the whole tank? They could be eggs.
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    Betta Clear Fins?!?!

    He needs more room! Please get him a larger tank, the poor thing is living in a dangerously small and sad environment. Plants, a filter, substrate, and a bigger tank. Please!
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    Word Association Game