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    My poor pleco...

    Hi justrfb Sorry to hear about your plecos, I had two hong kong plecos that died, I took it to be the stress of travelling, the water change I had to do, and my kids were fighting over the bags on the way home (I had to buy two - one each child in my car). Hi Anna This is my aquarium and tap...
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    Electrical storm

    disconnect your PC from the phoneline, I've had a modem blown to pieces due to powersurge through phoneline, reconnect once the electrical storm is over. If you have a coal fire, keep it roaring away and that'll hopefully keep the room warm :) you could wrap your aquarium with a blanket Duncan
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    this might sound a wee bit daft, why not build an avairy. I've had chipmunks - many many years ago. They are great eascape artists but, once the avairy was built (with strong mesh) they loved it and had plenty of room and spaces to explore. Duncan
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    How do you dispose of your fish?

    The only way for me is to let the fish die naturally. Once the poor thing has gone then wrap it up and in the wheelie bin. I don't fancy a trial by me kids :D Duncan
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    Crustaceans on skin.

    Cheers ta Dragonslair I've noticed that another Black Widow has this ring forming, and I've also noticed that my female dwarf gourami has worms too, I thinks this one is tape worm, I've seen it coming out and its disappeared as well as the poor fish is plump now. I've checked one of my books...
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    Death death death

    Hi James, Nice place Galway :) I've had the New Tank Syndrone as well, my sister as well (even though I told her to wait a month - she didn't). Everything is new and needs a chance to get a wee bit dirty - in a good sense. Some petshops don't tell you that you need to leave the aquarium...
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    Crustaceans on skin.

    I've got an up date. Went to a fish supplier looking for treatment, ended up doing a second journey with my fish so that he could have a look at it. It turns out to be a burrowing worm of a sort, he hadn't seen it before and its not in the books, he heard about after seeing a circular mark on...
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    Looking for a place to hang my "nets"...errr hat

    Hi Cichlidmaster, welcome aboard, 3000 gallon! that's a fair wee amount of water :D looking forward to hearing some tales :D Duncan
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    Crustaceans on skin.

    Hi folks, Here's my details, I've got a Juwel Rekord 70 aquarium with 1pr dwarf Gourami, 6 White Cloud Mountain Minnows, 6 Neon Tetras, 1 Plecotomus and 6 Black Widow Tetras. I got a 24" plant selection - so well planted. I do a weekly water change of 25% and my latest test results are...
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    Please id this fish

    lol I'll make the appointment for opticians tomorrow :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I'll go with Davy's suggestion :D Duncan
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    Please id this fish

    hi Anna, I think its a two-lined pencilfish, Nannostomus bifasciatus. I've looked in a book I've recently got and it (to me) looks like the two-lined pencilfish :) do bare in mind I'm no an expert, a nice drawing by the way :) hope this helps Duncan
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    Breeding plecos

    Hi dal, I've got a wee question :) how do you sex a common pleco, I've got one in my tank, I'm fair taken with plecos :D Duncan
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    Daft fish or bust

    I almost bought some loony firemouths today, I resisted temptation besides I didn't fancy a clip around the ear from me wife :D I'm keeping them in mind though :) Duncan
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    Back stock or bad water?

    I've got a shop 12 miles from my house, it started off as a florists (still is), then they took in pet food, then some tanks were arranged along the wall now would you believe it they now sell veg :what: I'm surprised that health and hygiene haven't put a stop to this. The tanks are filled...
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    Hi all! im new here!

    hi dal welcome a board, looking forward to reading your experiences and tips :) Duncan