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    unknown growth in the bottom of tank

    recently ive been getting these hairy growths on the bottom of my tank. it never really grew until i added my driftwood and moss ball. any guesses what this is? doesnt look like algae to me
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    black, white, blue, or no background at all for betta tank

    Im wondering on which colored background will give the least reflection inside the tank. Currently, Im using a black background on all 3 sides of my tank because Ive learned on the net that its better so that my betta cant see his reflection however, after Ive been using the black background I...
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    unknown things sticking on the wall of my tank

    update, i just saw a zoomed in picture of a freshwater limpet. Turns out they are. Kinda feel bad crushing them now, but thank you. really thought they were dangerous
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    unknown things sticking on the wall of my tank

    I dont have any nerite snails, only an apple snail. But they dont look like baby snails at all😅
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    unknown things sticking on the wall of my tank

    additional note: they actually don't stay on top of the water line, they're usually way down in the tank. i pulled them up to get a better picture
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    unknown things sticking on the wall of my tank

    hi, there's recently tiny little specs sticking in my tank walls. so far I haven't seen them move at all but whenever i see them in any way, i always try to remove them. they don't look like snail eggs at all and when you inspect them out of the water, they have this clear hard skin and the...
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    why is my betta’s eye different than usual?

    Hi, so my betta’s eye suddenly changed and I wanted to know if its normal. dont worry, it’s not popping out or cloudy; its just that it changes.. here’s a pic of what my betta’s eye is usually like, and the second one is what it is like right now (he’s perfectly fine and healthy, but whenever...
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    problem when water changing

    Hi yes, I’ll try to be more thorough as it’s only a 5 gallon tank. I’ve even moved the plants a little forward from the back so I can reach the decayed leaves and gunk. Thanks for the help.
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    problem when water changing

    hi, Is it okay to not get some of the fallen leaves, etc during water change? Everytime I do one, I always have a hard time to get every single fallen decaying leaf from the plants I have because most are in between the other plants, a place hard to reach. Should I get a smaller siphon or is it...
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    ph wont go down!!

    Hi, thanks for telling me. I will no longer try to attempt at lowering the ph😅 But I do have a question. If my GH is lower than the ideal GH in a betta tank, should I try to attempt to make it higher? Or should I not since it could be dangerous to the fish. My GH is 2 dGH / 35.8 ppm and I saw...