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    Anyone Have A Aquaoak Systemised Tank?

    Hi all, remember me?   Does anyone here have an AquaOak systemised tank from Maidenhead aquatics and if so do any of you have pictures of your sump pipework/setup, and was that purchased from maidenhead or elsewhere?   I'm looking to invest in a new 4x2x2 with a sump but being my first sump i'd...
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    600-700 Litre Stocking?

    If you get a 6x2 go for a pair of Orange Cobra Snakeheads aka Channa aurantimaculate or a African Parachanna Obscura 
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    Anyone Any Good With Electrics?

    Basicly I have a hozelock powerclear 9000 in the pond which has worked perfectly since it was purchased, I recently changed the UV bulb on the unit and upon switching the unit back on it worked for 3 seconds then blew the whole electrics in the house, causing all switched on light bulbs to blow...
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    500L Update

    Been a while since I've participated so thought I would share an updated pic or two of my setup, enjoy Day Night Moonlights
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    Any Own Massive

    yep, sounds like a Giant Gourami, was it grey or white?
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    The Seal Scares Me...

    Add a splitter valve and a air curtain, that way you can have a fine curtain of bubbles continuously and the seal releasing a single bubble once every 30 seconds or so, (or simply restrict the pump)
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    Can Anyone Idenity This Catfish?

    ^ that would be because they are banned in the UK, and shouldn't be imported or traded
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    Alternative To Rams.

    Red breast acaras (laetacara dorsigera) are great little peaceful cichlids and one i always seem to mention on threads like this, Flag cichlids (Laetacara curviceps) and Keyholes are other peaceful species and Kribs can also be an option provided you don't mind something that has the potential...
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    Leaf Fish Varieties

    Most leafs require a bit more specialist care, but some can be weaned onto frozen foods and in extreme cases can also start to take dried foods, My Nandus Nandus Pair now accept floating pellets, but also get lance fish, morimo earthworms, (- they go crazy for these) and whole prawns. Bush fish...
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    Fluval Edge/chi

    I really like the 19l fluval spec, which has everything yo like about the edge, but even more stylish IMO
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    Most Appropriate Discus Tank Mates

    I have seen it done a few times before with Torpedos and Discus (in a local chinese in fact) but technically they have completely opposite temperature requirements, i.e. Discus hot, Torpedos cool
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    Most Appropriate Discus Tank Mates

    Rummynose would be eaten by the ctenopoma, Blue Rams happily live alongside Discus conditions, Apistos usually prefer it slightly cooler but depends on your setup conditions. Sterbai Corys would also do fine at Discus temps Depending on tank size a Black Ghost Knife could be an option
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    Advice Please, Please Don't Yell

    Doesn't really answer the question though? Different species require different 'specs' with some of the common dwarfs I.e. Blue rams needing very specific conditions. Only African lake cichlids need higher ph levels, the (mainly) American cichlids you'll be looking at don't
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    Advice Please, Please Don't Yell

    what sort of water parameters do you have? Kuhli loach will tend to limit the choice of cichlids you could keep as i would expect most 4-5" + cichlids would hunt them african species like Kribensis or African Butterfly cichlids are small and very hardy and could work in a community...
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    Thinking Of Moving To Australia

    I'm pretty sure most of the interesting fish species are illegal to own in oz ?????