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    Firemouth Cychlid

    6'' normally I believe, although Ive seen larger. --Dan
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    New 45 gallon completed first tank in 12-years

    I like! I think some Jewels would look amazing in there! Angels are nice too though! --Dan
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    What kind of lighting for a 100g?

    Tank is custom, pretty tall, so more lighting will be necessary. Im not even sure why I posted about the 100g, I will be experimenting with my 29g first. --Dan
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    What kind of lighting for a 100g?

    Halides :crazy: Whats the price tag on those. I think I want to keep corals, they are so damned gorgeous. I was inspired by a pic in National Geographic, all the pinks and blues :wub: Im guessing they are expensive as hell aswell :-( --Dan
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    What kind of lighting for a 100g?

    Like title says. Is it measured in WPG? I know its a different, more expensive type of spectrum. --Dan
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    How strong should the stand be

    If they sell the stand for a 90g aqaurium, it'll hold a 90g aquarium. If you want to build your own, do some research first. I would suggest cinder blocks. If you care about the looks, go with 4x4 support, then 2x4's and plywood. --Dan
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    Oscar Pond?

    Same here lucky. And I agree, that 125 would be a GREAT dward tank. Or how about some Jewel Cichlids B). My little guys :D --Dan
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    DannyBoy17's Tanks

    :rofl: Mines about 7'' I think, maybe a bit less. Always hungry, arent they? :lol: --Dan
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    Oscar Pond?

    It looks amazing! Can't wait to see it finished! Nice dog :thumbs: . I usually dont like Bulldogs, but that one looks real friendly. --Dan
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    Oh man Please help

    You'd be suprised ;) --Dan
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    Pics for real this time

    Im lovin everything but the gravel. Great Oscar! --Dan
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    Good Deal on Tanks?

    First of all, you odnt if ya got that job yet :P . Also, why pay that much? Ive seen deals that are wayyyy better than that, some people move and have to find a place for the tanks. Or just give up, and sell them cheap. Check the St. Catheirnes Standard. Always a couple good deals in there. My...
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    Everyone needs inspiration

    How much light do oyu think he has on there!? --Dan
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    DannyBoy17's Tanks

    I used to be soo terrible. I just played around with the camera settings, changed something to "macro" so now it always focuses on objects that are up close. It's really made my shots come out a lot nicer! --Dan
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    How hardy are angels?

    Mine got beaten up aswell, and healed. Actually, right now they are in a 50g koi quarentine tub in my basement, that isnt heated (it's an emergency!) and they're doin fine. Besides my Oscar, they are my toughest fishies! --Dan