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  • Thanks! His name is Fuzzy! He won lots of big ribbons at the fair last year. Him and I were reserve grand champion for showmanship and he got a big blue first place rosette for quality.
    He got sick while we were at state, so he won't be able to show any more. But he sired a litter of 6 kits that same year, so I will be showing 2 of his sons. I'm excited!
    Regular veiltails from the shop are fine, but veiltails are not as popular as other tails like halfmoons etc. make sure you ask local petshops before you breed to see if they would buy them from you.
    They site for the microworms is correct, thats all the info. You need on microworm culturing.
    I use brine shrimp and microworm, microworm is easier, brine shrimp helps them grow faster....
    Betta breeding requires a lot of time and commitment.
    Do lots of research before even attempting to breed.
    Happy to answer anymore questions :)
    Not sure if that all worked, here is the rest
    The breeding pair: depending on the tail type you wish to breed, you may meed to buy them online. You can sometimes pick up a good betta from the petshop, but you need to be careful as they could carry bad genes, whereas if you buy them from a breeder you have a better understanding of their history. 
    Betta breeding requir...
    Food: the fry only eat live, wriggling food. Microworms and baby brine shrimp are the most popular and most effective. Microworm starter cultures and brine shrimp eggs can be bought pretty cheap off the internet. You can look up how to culture the worms and hatch the eggs on the internet, there are loads of helpful vids. 
    The breeding pair: depending on the tail type you wish to...
    OMG! i gotta see this! soooo cute! Panda's kinda weird but not too weird. I named my guppies taquila martini and margharita. Margharita is getting big again! (shes the mommy)
    GUPPIES!!! I wasnt in the mood for mollies even though they had nice black mollies. I'll wait on those ones.
    *petsmart got two females and one male. sooo pretty and healthy. no babies!?!?!?!?! you around tomaorw?
    I'm going to petco tomarow! more guppies! <3 maybe a molly? what do you think?
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