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    Condy Anemone Feeding?

    psh, here's some old pics of mine:
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    Plague Of Starfish

    Or at least be able to support their feeding habbits and requirments.
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    Few Noobie Questions

    Heh, I'd probably do the opposite in a tank that size, 5 or 6 nassarius, 1 or 2 astrea.
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    Dawn On The Reef

    My dream is to have a very large (200 or so gallons) cylindrical tank with one very large bommel running up the center. I think the stack look is probably my favorite style of aquascaping.
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    Condy Anemone Feeding?

    Dice the food up into small bits, to make it easier for the food to enter his mouth. Condys are probably my favorite nems and certainly my favorite to watch eat. The more you feed it, the more often it will stay closed, but the healthier it will be. I used to feed mine twice a week. I would...
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    Memoirs Of A Chocolate Chip Starfish:

    New pics coming soon, I've had a new little buddy living with my starfish, a black percula :)
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    Would These Fish Work In A 30 Gallon Tank

    Personally if I were going to put a trigger in a tank that small, I would go with a niger. I believe Lynden has had success with a young Niger in his 30 gallon, although he has loads of experience. They're fairly disease resistant and also very hardy fish. Mine went carpet surfing and...
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    Orange Sharks 94 Litre Marine Attempt!

    Yes, those are brittle stars, just wait, as your tank matures those legs will be poking out from EVERYWHERE when you feed. The tank looks great, I like all the tonga rock you have. Your sixline makes me miss mine, I may have to pick one up soon.
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    N3Ont3Tra's 37G Reef Tank Journal

    ouch, that's no good at all. Think maybe too much moisture got into the bucket or is it usually that tightly packed?
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    Ben's Tank

    Sorry to hear that man, I've only had one clown that I've been able to keep alive, the rest have perished for some unknown reason.
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    My Fishes Are Acting Weird On My Tank.

    Yup that sounds like a pretty stressful environment. New tank with fish that are recommended for a larger tank makes for a good cryptocaryon breeding ground.
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    Few Noobie Questions

    very true.
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    Our Journey To The Salty Side - Part One

    Yup, I love em, wish I could find one around here
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    Dawn On The Reef

    I actually thought of rescaping my big tank with two bommels but it would be a gigantic hassle at this point.