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    Anodized Aluminum In Water? Heat Sink?

    you have tried other metals then? or no?
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    Anodized Aluminum In Water? Heat Sink?

    Hey guys. Was just curious as to how fast Anodized Aluminum would corrode in fresh water. I was thinking of making a heat sink for my gold fish tank with hopes of one day having a cheap AC blowing though it.
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    Mag Drive Pump Rattling. Help

    SO I finally got feed up with HOB and Rena canister filters after they kept failing. My Goldfish tanks sump never needed to be shut down once for cleaning to stop it from clogging. (just refugium weed whacking...) So I switched it to a dual down HOB OFB. It is pretty quite. EXCEPT. for the mag...
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    New Goldfish Home Is Almost Done.

    you might call me crazy for doing this for fancy goldfish but maybe one day when I have a real job and am out of collage I can use it for SW. Fail safe durso stand pipe: Stops it from sucking in too much air and making noise. If the water is rising too fast (which it shouldn't unless there...
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    Back Pressure And Rising Air. I Have Met My Match.

    Okay. So I am a sump, OFB, and return pump newbie. but I researched a lot. I decided to go with a 120 US gallon, 1600 GPH CS OFB. 1 1/2" pipe, mag drive 1800 with 6 feet of piping and a for 90 degrees to slow it to roughly 1100 GPH. However, turns out no one around here (1 hour drive one way)...
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    How To Create A River Setup?

    like so.. you could probably increase the pipe size under the gravel and fill it with filter media for your bacterial filtration area. but IDK.
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    Quick Quick. Shimming Sump Directly? Was Unlevel.

    SO I used a 55 gallon as a sump. The problem is while the tank and stand shelves are level for the main tank the sump is not. it is off but more than 1/8" So I used shims directly under the tank and its foam. Is that safe? should I shim the whole outline or the sump tank??
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    Over Flow Box And Pump Power Questions! Need Advice!

    okay. and most at that state are duals. How could I make it so water goes more so into one than the other? put a little 1" connector atop on of the mounts so it is more likely? or just combines then into a 2"
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    Over Flow Box And Pump Power Questions! Need Advice!

    hmm. that would be easiest but.. hey so do you think the OFB will do that it is rated? have read that some will not do as said.
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    Painting Braces?

    :crazy: I noticed some of my tanks braces are Photo degrading. I am upgrading a tank and I want to paint the braces the same color as the stand and such as well as stop this. Is there any paint I can use that does not leech into the water?
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    This Shelving?

    So I was gonna get a 75 - 120 gallon tank and make a wood stand but I donlt feel like making one. what shevelign woudl you get? $100 (shipping included) 1200 pounds. $290 (w/ shipping)...
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    Dsb For Fw?

    Hello, would a DSB with the open space under neath it all (I forgot the name) work in FW if I took some mud from a FW marsh and put it at the bottom and then the sand? :unsure: on a side note. is vinyl plastic bad for fish tanks? i was making a Vinyl window screen bag to hold small 1-3 mm...