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    Are these just Diatoms?

    That would certainly help.
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    Are these just Diatoms?

    Not necessarily. Higher plants can and will generally beat algae, but there have to be more of them than appears in your tank. Your Aquasky isn't using the Plant Boost setting, is it? ;) Too much light a cause of excess algae...and an excess of nutrients.
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    Unsure what is wrong

    I got to thinking that, because X-Ray Tetra are transparent, any infestation that would be invisible in opaque fish might not be so in the X-Ray Ts.
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    Blue-Green Algae

    As this is a thread dragged up from the relatively distant past, it'll be worth noting that Blue Green Algae is not an algae, but bacteria and, as such, it produces toxins. We occasionally get blue-green algae outbreaks up here in our English Lake District and warnings are posted on the lake...
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    I can’t keep them alive! At all!

    Who does the feeding? Over-feeding is a common killer of fish. Next, assuming your water is good enough and free from toxins, is contamination. Dirty hands, or hands with soap, cleansing gel, paints, etc., can poison quite effectively. Whatever is the cause, it would be best to ascertain what...
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    I can’t keep them alive! At all!

    Don't forget that the ammonia doesn't suddenly materialise at a killing accumulates, sometimes quite rapidly. Fish forums are full of tales of rapidly dying fish and a lack of understanding about the nitrogen cycle is, more often than not, the root cause.
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    Unsure what is wrong

    Could be sporozoan infection.
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    Are these just Diatoms?

    Then you haven't read the right items, I'm afraid. Diatoms are a major group of algae...tiny, single cells of plant life and needed to be treated as such.
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    Plant questions...

    All superglues set/cure when exposed to moisture*. I'd take the wood out of the water, put a big blob of the gel onto it and then squish on the plant. It should set fairly quickly. You can then continue attaching other plants, but try not to let them all dry out. A plant sprayer can be used to...
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    Working In an Aquatics Shop

    Totally sad and sadly understandable, especially when bean-counters and business people take on a business with profit as the only motivation. I seriously think you should name and shame. In the past few months, I've spent a lot of time with both the local Pets at Home staff and those at my...
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    Weird white stuff

    Bacteria needs something to grow on and this would include, not only your filter media, but the substrate, rocks, wood and plants. Think of every available surface as contributing to your biological filtration. So you can add your Bacterlife, if that's what you're using, before adding the...
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    Need help identifying this parasite

    A 53 gallon tank would need 53 gallons-worth of salt, as your starting point, so yes...when you do your water change, you can dissolve the whole 10 tbsp in the bucket, before you add it to the tank. Granted, 10 tbsp sounds like a lot, but it isn't when you put it in 53 gallons. Please note...
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    Are these just Diatoms?

    Obviously, that is a Good Thing, but the excess algae and fungus is there because there are excess nutrients for it to feed off.
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    No more simple canister filters?

    Charcoal used to be a 'thing', but isn't any more. Charcoal is great for removing unwanted meds and it's great surface area can make it useful for housing beneficial bacteria. It can also give your water a 'polish', by removing finer particles. However... It's been found that charcoal, to act...