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    Pond Keeps Loosing Water.. Sealant Ideas?

    Hi All.   My dad built a pond but didnt do things properly. Now the pond has to be topped up every day.   Ive decided to sort the pond out this week ( week off from work) in time for the frogs return. we love the natural frog scene.   Plese look a the pics. He used carpet and pod liner, then...
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    How Many Pellets For Fancy Goldfish?

    Hi All, Ive had 2 fancy goldfish for a while now. They are about 1 1/2 - 2" from mouth to end of tail. I have been feeding them 6 pellets each in the morning and 6 at night as this is what the LFS suggested when I first purchased them. The brand is tetra goldfish gold japan. They are called...
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    Water Change After Co2 Has Turned Off For The Day?

    Hi All. I'm doing a water change today but not sure when is the best time to do it. I have pressurized co2 so should i wait until 5pm when it switches off?? Thanks, Dave
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    Nitrates And Water

    ahhh I see. Might be why then.   Well I only have 2 fish in the tank. (fancy goldfish) I would say the nitrates are 40ppm. water change was Friday.   I would say moderately planted.   Should I just increase the water changes?? I want to continue using the complete as ive only just bought it.  ...
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    Nitrates And Water

    Hi All. So when you think you have learnt it all, something pops up like the following: 150 litre tank, planted, canister filter, pressurised co2, tnc complete daily 2ml The nitrates from api liquid test seems to be showing significant reddish colour which has got me worried. Tap water is...
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    Dwarf Sag - Bba Before Adding New Leaves.. Cut Old Ones?

    Yeah your tank is amazing . One day I would love to have one like yours.   Thanks for your kind help.
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    Dwarf Sag - Bba Before Adding New Leaves.. Cut Old Ones?

    Hi Again,   Ive attached some photos guys so you can get a better look.  ...
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    Dwarf Sag - Bba Before Adding New Leaves.. Cut Old Ones?

    Hi. So ive just recently added pressurised co2 to my tank. i have had dwarf sag in this tank for a while now and it attracted bba. Since adding co2 lots of new leaves have grown, bright green and lovely. Should i cut off the old leaves which still have bba on them?? Thanks, dave
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    Water Changes - How Many Per Week?

    Hi All. So im all set up now with regards my tank. 150 litre planted pressurised co2 Im currently changing 50litres every saturday. Is that enough?? Would it help my plants to change 2 times a week?? Thanks, dave
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    Bulb Wattage

    yeah i think my ballast was about £25 for the 2x 14w.   I know ebay has a few listed. Just one thing I didnt know too much about before which i think is worth mentioning.(standard and HO ballasts). Anyone correct me if im wrong please but i bought HO ( high Output) tubes for my standard ballast...
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    Drop Checker Getting Lighter As The Day Goes On?

    Hi.   Yes 2 hours before and off 1 hour before lights off.   I had a bit of a " sugar" moment....... what happened was that at 1bps it was medium green. I can remember people saying it wants to be lime green. so i turned it up a tad to about 2bps. anyway in the morning for about 4 hours it was...
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    Bulb Wattage

    I tried the same thing and my tubes were going very black near the ends. A guy on here told me that I was actually burning the tube out quickly because it was still pumping 56w through.   What I did was actually replace my ballast. Easy to do, many available on the net and in the long run...
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    Marco,trace And Co2

    Sorry i dont know the answer to your question but I like how you have styled your tank...
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    Drop Checker Getting Lighter As The Day Goes On?

    Hi All., So i thought I had finally nailed the lime green on my co2 setup drop checker. I only incremented slightly to get about 2bps from say 1.8 bubbles per second if its possible to be that precise LOL Any way upto about 2 it was lime green, then by 4 pm it had shot up to yellow...