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    african or amazon

    Lake Malawis, great at feeding time and have the colour of marine fish..beautifull!!
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    malawians or tanganyikans

    superman, definately
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    my heater (exactly the same make) recently cracked all the way down it and then filled up with tank water and started boiling! #!"*$## thing!
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    Can I keep Frontosa with...?

    ok, cheers people
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    Flashing - why??

    Mine were doing this aswell!! I told my LFS and the bloke said that it may be some microscopic worm/bacteria thing that attaches to the fish and spirals round and slowly digs a hole into the fish (microscopic) Anyway, he told me to treat it with anti-whitespot and it worked!! I used eSHA EXIT
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    Can I keep Frontosa with...?

    Hello, I have a tank with Lake Malawi Cichlids in at the moment. Can I keep some Frontosa in there even though they are from a different lake? The fish I have are: Pseudotropheus Zebra red Pseudotropheus socolofi Pseudotropheus Neon Spot Will these get on ok with the Frontosa? Thanks
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    Fluval 3 filter

    don't worry I got Paul on the case He sorted it, Cheers
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    amazon abyss

    LOL, I was just about to start a topic about the program. It was excellent, them fish that they said found a mate them were with them for life were really nice
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    Fluval 3 filter

    I just bought a second hand tank and it came with a Fluval 3 filter. Only thing is, it came in bits and I don't know how to put it back together. It is one of the older Fluval 3 filters. Does any1 know how they should be put together? Thanks
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    If You Live In The Uk

    Walton-on-The-Naze, Essex
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    How do i tell if my fish is ill or pregnant?

    What size tank have you got and what are the water parameters? also, the picture is not attatched
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    Zebra Finches

    I add oyster grit to my avary this is to keep the birds eggs strong. Feeding them boiled eggs is good aswell. Give the birds lots of bread, they can swallow this then puke it up easier for the babies
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    Making more room

    You can buy beanie boxes on this website:
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    Breeding age

    Is 6 months to old for a male halfmoon to breed?
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    exspensive day!!

    Spose its better to be addicted to fish than be addicted to drugs! that what my mum tells me anyway