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    C. Parallelus

    Beautiful fish!
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    My First Spawn Of S. Lacerdai

    Very Cool. Got any pictures yet?
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    Wow, very impressive!
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    Please Help Id My Cories

    This is the biggest problem with trying to identify the "spotted" cories. There are so many of them, if you dont know where they were caught or bred, its very hard, if not impossible, to truly identify them. Nice fish :good:
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    Would Brochis Splendens And Corydoras Aeneus School Together?

    Mine never really schooled together, but they did stay close together, especially at feeding time: 8-)
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    Panda Fry Log

    You are doing great, keep up the good work :good:
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    Cory Fry/juvi Rearing Tanks...

    Looks good :good:
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    Cory Fry/juvi Rearing Tanks...

    I agree. If you move the filter and a portion of the existing water, they should be fine. I have set-up a lot of tanks using filters I had running in mature tanks. Also, moving plants, driftwood, substrate, etc. from existing tanks helps a lot. Good Luck :good:
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    Masked Corys

    I agree, these are also one of my favorite cories. I use to have a nice group of 6. Nice addition :good:
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    I Finally Have (Natural) Cory Fry.....

    Yep, and once they start spawning they usually wont stop. Ive had a spawn of close to 150 eggs before. Having the leaf litter at the bottom of the pond is also good for the fry. Looks like you are off to a great start! :good:
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    Red (Pink) Zebra Danios

    Definately looks like a "Pink" danio or "glofish" like everyone has said. They come in a lot of different colors. Im not sure if someone said this, but it seems like I read somewhere they were made to test water supplies or something like that. PetsMart sells them too.
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    Chela Dadiburjori Aka Orange Chela

    I just bought a nice group of these fish. I should receive them in the next couple of days. Anything special I need to know about them?? Lateral Line, what are your opinions on this fish?
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    Crossocheilus Siamese And Synodontis Catfish

    Anyone ever kept these two species together? If so, any problems? Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Most Playful/active Corys?

    I have found any Cory is playful/active if put in the right tank set-up.
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    Coloured Sand?

    I have black sand (Tahitian Black Moon Sand) in all but 2 of my tanks (the others have a very small gravel substrate designed for plants). All of my tanks are planted, so I use a mixture of the black sand and a black substrate designed for plants made by Caribsea (Eco-Complete). All of my...