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    Keyhole Cichlid

    My microgeophagus altispinosa (bolivian ram) do the same thing. When they are sleeping they look like someone beat the heck out of them, but other times they are almost totally washed out and opaque/yellow.
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    Cockatoo Sexing

    For starters the female is about half the size of the male. The male also has the big fleshy lips, and tends to be more reclusive. Sexing cacatuoides is as easy as telling the difference between a VW bug and a mack Truck. He's asking about cacatuoides. Yes, that's a female. Pick up a male...
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    School Of Neons Dies Off Slowly Over Many Months

    No, I said one goes missing every three weeks or so.. It's taken about 5 months to lose the 10. Well, when my tank was fully planted they shoaled tightly but then the plants all died because I didn't know what I was doing with plants back then.. so after the plants were taken out they sort of...
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    School Of Neons Dies Off Slowly Over Many Months

    My tank is 29 gallons. It houses three corys, one ancistrus temincki, two microgeophagus altispinosas, one apistogramma cacatuoides, five diamond tetra, and now only 5 neon tetra. The school of neon tetra started at around 15 fish about 5 months ago. Then about every thee weeks or so, one of...
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    noise from bubbles entering filter intake!!

    I have a bubble curtain along the back of my tank, and I've found that with my Penguin 170 when bubbles enter the filter intake it makes a very annoying and fairly loud noise. I had to move the filter all the way over to the right of the tank so the intake was out of the bubble streams to stop...
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    Rams in my tank

    I have two dwarf gouramis, two honey gouramis, two bolivian rams (1 male, 1 female), two german rams (1 male, 1 female) plus a school of six harlequins, two small plecos, two dwarf frogs, five diamond tetras, and three zebra danios, and two kribensis cichlids and everyone gets along fine.