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  • sorry i haven't talked in a while.
    Oh well... BN or not, Char is awsome :) hope you feel better soon!
    Yeah... I guess you do have only a few gallons :) Good choice... Char will really love you!
    Oh well... one of my former BN loved Platys. There was this one platy who would come and eat the veggies with him, they were so cute :p
    you should get one more for Charlotte! I had a female named Ella and she was very timid and shy-always hiding. Then I got her a male (Carlos) and she totally bloomed. I don't have Ella and Carlos anymore, but they did produce many babys! Belive me- two BN are twice the fun, you can watch them chase each other, play in currents, and eat- so cute!
    i'm a bn breeder, so i have 7 breeders, thousends of fry, and usually around 200 juviniles. in that size tank you could easily fit a couple juviniles, but they would have to be re-homed when they got bigger then 2 inches. maybe a small school of tetras, and 2 juviniles... but if you don't have any tanks that you could rehome them, you probably couldn't fit anything else.
    well females develope later then males- I just got another pair (Carmen and Ramiro). They are almost 2 inches but they don't have any bristles... i guess some our just late developers.
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