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    Old member - New tanks

    As I said before the Clownfish is a pillock and won't host anything other than a powerhead. We've had him almost a year and when in the main reef tank with his partner he had the choice of leather mushrooms, a huge elegance, a huge octobubble, hammers & frogspawn and showed no interest in...
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    Old member - New tanks

    That is a fully grown Royal Gramma and there is only one cleaner shrimp, we had 2 others but he wants to be on his own it seems as he bullys any others. We had two Clownfish in the main reef tank but lost one. The remaining one is a complete pillock and hosted a powerhead and hardly ever came...
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    Old member - New tanks

    Reef Tank: Predator Tank: Nano Tank:
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    Old member - New tanks

    Seeing as we now have 3 marine tanks running I figured it was time to pop back on here and say hello, see what's changed and who's still around from back in the day 20 years experience in the hobby and have seen huge leaps in the technology available and I'm amazed at how easy (and inexpensive)...
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    Old member back with new tanks

    Hi all, Been over 5 years since I was last on here so will be interesting to see if anybody is still here that I know. Have 2 tanks running at the moment with a third being set up (Full marine reef, a Nano reef and a Fish only marine). Now got to learn how to upload photos off my phone, etc...
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    Help With Sump/overflow System!

    A DIY Durso-type overflow pipe would be one way to go, doesn't require any drilling & is silent running. Also easy to modify to obtain different flow rates.
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    Filter Questions.... :)

    I'll look forward to the PM in the new year for a 'How to' guide on changing filters
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    Uv Sterilizer

    You'll be hard pushed to find a UV under 8w I would think so that would be the smallest, Vecton are the most prominent manufacturer and the units just require an appropriate pump to be attached to make a closed loop system. Make sure the flow rate is correct otherwise you'll be wasting your time.
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    Setting Up Aquarium For African Clawed Frogs

    Doesn't matter how big the fish is they will go for it and either stress it to death or fatally injure it. They are opportunistic ambush predators and eat whenever they get the chance not just when hungry so it is never a question of if it's when they will attack other tankmates. (Just to clear...
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    Setting Up Aquarium For African Clawed Frogs

    African Clawed Frogs should not be kept with anything else as they will eat or attempt to eat anything in their tank but are quite sociable so should be kept in pairs/trios at a minimum. They require a minimum 10g per frog and it is recommended to overfilter the tank due to their high protein...
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    Blue Tang Itch

    Yeah no copper med, research freshwater baths though
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    Blue Tang Itch

    Sorry to hear that Matt :( I would love to help but I'm currently in hospital and on Morphine (long story) but didn't want to ignore this but also don't want to give wrong advice.
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    It can hardly be classed as a money spinner when it's a traditional pagan festival.....that's like saying Christmas is just a money spinner. Agreed there is little point for all the additional festivities if you don't want to understand the original meaning.
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    Eheim 2226 Not Much Pressure

    The spraybar should be full of water with no trapped air. Mine is 6 sections long with 4 of those having holes and I appear to have more pressure :/
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    My Marine Adventure

    Would you collect it or have it couriered?