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    Driftwood From The Beach In Aquarium

    Your choice. Personaly I wouldn't put anything from the sea in my tank. Tom
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    Fluval Edge 46L

    Very nice looking tank, ever so slightly overstocked. :)
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    Heating A Small Tank
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    Fluval Edge 46L

    +1, show & tell time :)
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    Feeding Fish On Holiday

    Unfortunately the feeder blocks do seem like a good idea but can cause ammonia issues because its no different than adding a weeks worth of your normal feed all at once & we all know that is a bad idea. Tom
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    Aquaone 980T

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    What Do You Think?

    Please do another water test & post your readings. What kind of test kit are you using? Also please post all your stats, water temp, ph, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia. Once we have this information then we can hopefully help. Tom
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    Do a full blackout, it easy. Turn your co2 off, turn your lights off & chuck a duvet over the tank, DONT PEAK at it for three days. Tom
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    Java Moss

    great to know its not just me then :good:
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    Co2 Buble Stick Under Glasplate

    Ok, I am not to sure what you are asking here. Your diffuser is working fine, your circulation seems fine, whats this glasplate you mention? Tom
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    Every Day Or Every Other Day?

    I feed 5 days a week & miss out Tuesday & Thursday. If you do every other day its kinda hard to keep track, a week being 7 days an all. :unsure: Tom