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    Mystery snail

    That's great, thank you!
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    Mystery snail

    Hi! So I've just noticed a snail In my tank. I think it's come in from se new plants I've just put in there. I have zebra snails but I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me which type of snail this is? Is it okay to keep in my tank?
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    Fungus or growth?

    Thank you! It does seem to get bigger and bigger and then the next day will be smaller, plus I'm starting to see a lump on his other side. So it does sound very similar, thanks for the advice
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    Fungus or growth?

    I can't tell if it's affecting the muscle but it's definitely affecting the scales
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    Fungus or growth?

    Ah thank you, I hadn't considered that
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    Fungus or growth?

    My fish has a growth on his side, hopefully you can see on the attached pictures. It continually grows and its white so I thought it was a fungus. However I've done water changes, cleaned the tank and filter and given him anti fungal medication but nothing seems to work. Any advice? Thank you
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