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    Is This Rosy Barb Pregnant ?

    Please Tell me is she pregnant and there is lots of fighting going on in the tank, may be for this one !!! Only 6 rosy barb in tank.
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    Keeping Fry In A 1 Gallon Tank

    Hi, Only once i breed my fishes, and this forum helped allot, at one point Mr.OldMan47 told me that the fries leave growth restricting hormones in water to stop growth of their siblings.Thats why allot of water change is recommended.
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    Rosy Barb Fin Separated Into Fine Hairs

    Like if the fins are |||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||| ||||| | Now they are Like this | | | | | | | | | \ \ \| | |/ / / \ | | | / \|/ Hope you are getting it, not a continues membrane , but more like split into hair. Please suggest some thing.
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    The A To Z Of Common Medications

    as mentioned above in your post, fish swims up on side or upside down. My rossy barb is also doing the same symptom, please suggest some thing!! EMERGENCY !!
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    Rosy Barb Swimming Abnormally

    please help! see, whats happening to my fish! please please please help, anything that can be done for her.
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    Rosy Barb Swimming Abnormally

    Please look at this thread, fish constantly doing this behaviour!
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    Rossy Barb Swimming Abnormally

    One of my rossy barb is swimming abnormally, it has an injury near its gills a very small one. and she always swam at the top of the tank as she need more oxygen. I have added anti-ich and general aid medicine in tank. I request honorable members to please help in this case.
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    Red Spot On Rosy Barb's Tail

    One of my five rosy barbs one had a blood clotting like mark on it's tail, please see the image and help me by prescribing the immediate cure of this mark.. Thankyou !
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    Molly Fry,help Please !

    Hello every one!! again i am here with one problem. I thought my 4 month old juveniles are big enough to be in a tank with other fish(Rosy Barb, Mollies) i put them just for 15 min their but i thought i should again put them back in their tank. But in those fifteen a accident happened !! One...
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    Molly Fry,help Please !

    yes mam, i am doing daily water change!! But i wanna say one thing, Growing fry's is not a cup of every men's tea !
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    Molly Fry,help Please !

    Mam, i have reinstalled the filter, now please tell me what can i do more to save them ?
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    Molly Fry,help Please !

    yes mam,No here i am not having any equipment for measuring water statistics, but now i am changing water in every 3 days before this month i used to do that in evry 2 days. And i had a sponge filter(mechanical filter) but removed it couple of weeks ago. Yes mam,the scales of the one who died...
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    When Is A Molly An Adult

    Well in my opinion,That depends no how big your frys are now, i have 4 month old fries of length ____ and ___________. so i think this depends on how healthy your fry are grown. Rest you wait for seniors to help!
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    Most Beautifull & Longest Living Fish ?

    Sir, Fist of all very sorry for replying soooooo late !! I think fish should be fir for a 20-30 gallon tank. and tell me fish up to 10 inch long. And i seen the Blood parrot fish (but the LFS boy told that was kising fish)that was absolutely Beautiful !! Any othe fish ? Thanks for all the...
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    Molly Fry,help Please !

    Well after a long time a very heartly hello to Oldman,Hearlequin,LivebearerMaster and all members. Actually it started with 59 fry and now 26 remained. I change water frequently and feed them twice but only few are growing properly, all fry are of same age (4 months old) but still some are...